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How to Store Your Cigars for Longer Life

While many cigar lovers are truly dedicated to their hobby, there are still many people who consider cigar smoking an occasional treat. These smokers often have issues with taking care of their cigars. If you fall into the latter category, then you may have a couple of cigars that have dried out far before their time because they have been improperly stored. Extending cigar life is not as tricky as you think, but it does take some effort. Here are some tips on how to extend the lifespan of your cigars by storing them properly.… read more

How to Prepare Flowerbeds for Springtime

When spring is quickly approaching, many people are anxious to get outdoors in the warmer weather. The use of springtime flowerbeds can offer beauty and value to a space, so many homeowners are choosing to prepare their outdoor spaces for their upcoming spring landscaping.  Getting started may be a bit challenging for some, but using a few key steps will offer enormous improvements to a home’s spring landscaping.… read more

The Easter Lily Symbolizes Purity, New Life and the Promises of Spring

Easter lily history is a fascinating series of stories and facts about how the magnificent trumpet-shaped flower became a joyful symbol for Easter. This fragrant flower has won the hearts of millions and is the main flower in Easter floral arrangements. Although Easter lilies only have a sales time of about two weeks every year, they are the fourth most popular of America’s potted plant crops and are among the favorite of all blooming plants.… read more

How to Know New York-style Pizza

New York is known for the Yankees, Central Park, Broadway and many other attractions. Also known for diverse food, New York has been a melting pot for generations of cooks eager to showcase their skills. One of the most famous dishes of New York is its pizza. New York style pizza is known as some of the best in the world, and if you are a true pizza lover, you simply haven’t lived until you’ve held a huge slice of this delicacy in your hand and savored each delectable bite.… read more

Chocolate Beer: Five Tantalizing Palate Pleasers

A Bit of Chocolate Beer History

Chocolate and beer have a long association dating back 3,000 years. That’s when the Aztecs discovered chocolate as a by-product of their efforts to ferment cacao beans for ceremonial drinks. Today, that happy pairing continues with delightful specialty blends that tantalize the palate. In fact, chocolate brews are rising in popularity among beer drinkers from coast-to-coast.… read more

Pairing Your Beer Glass to Beer Styles

Most of us, when craving a beer, don’t give much thought to what glass to use. In many instances, anything from your favorite Beer of the Month Club tastes awesome right from the bottle! But when serving others, there really IS value in choosing the right glass. For instance, Hefeweizen in a shapely glass showcases the graduated hues in the beer, and the wider top supports and shows off the billowing foamy head.… read more