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Florida Brewery, Cape Canaveral, Florida

The Florida Beer Company, based out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, is the Sunshine State’s Number 1 craft brewery. They have been brewing delicious beer since 1997, and you may recognize some of their most sought-after brands, including: Key West Sunset Ale, Key West Southernmost Wheat, Swamp Ape IPA, Florida Lager, Kelly’s Hard Cider and their new IPA Devil’s Triangle — one selection this month from your favorite Beer of the Month Club.

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March 2014 Flower Gift Club Selection: New Jungle Love

What could be more exotic than finding love in a steamy jungle? We can’t physically take you there, but we CAN offer you our newest tropical bouquet, the New Jungle Love Collection!

THE NEW JUNGLE LOVE COLLECTION . . . The name reflects the fact that every floral and foliage element used to assemble this collection came from the wilds, jungles and rain forests found around the world.

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Listen to This Good News for Wine Lovers


If you have found that your hearing is not as acute as it used to be (whether related to exposure to excessive noise levels associated with work or home conditions, or due to the natural aging process, or whatever may be the cause of your hearing loss), now there’s a pleasurable way to maintain your hearing capacity — simply by drinking wine!

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Start with Chocolate–Add “A Side” of Anything!

“There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with Chocolate . . .”
— The Absolute Truth from author Linda Grayson

If you truly love chocolate, you know that chocolate is a complete food, worthy of its own spot in the old Food Pyramid. It is the best friend you can have when you need a lift — or when you have something wonderful to celebrate. It is the most enjoyable when savored alone — or shared with one friend — or thirty. Some people think “naked chocolate,” not diminished by other ingredients, is the only way to truly get optimal chocolate flavor. On the other hand, the voices of other chocoholics are shouting that the addition of nuts/fruit/pretzels/hard candy bits only make the chocolate experience better. Everybody loves creamy milk chocolate . . . or decadent dark chocolate . . . or the white . . .

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Cigar Smokers’ Lore, Legends & Facts…

Cigar rollers in Cuba in the 19th century were well-versed in the classics, because many factories employed cigar factory readers. These readers read aloud from literary works such as stories and poetry by Victor Hugo. Victor Muñoz, the “Father of Mothers’ Day,” was one such factory reader before he moved on to the realm of journalism.

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March 2014 Coffee of the Month Club Selections: Burundi and Bolivia



Your favorite Coffee of the Month Club is pleased to introduce you to Burundi, a small and beautiful landlocked country at the crossroads of East and Central Africa that straddles the crest of the Nile-Congo watershed. Sandwiched between Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania, it has magnificent views over Lake Tanganyika, which provides much of its western border.

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