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Beer Traditions: The Here & Now, and the Hereafter

THE HERE & NOW: For centuries leading up to the mid-1800’s, devout Christians in Great Britain were expected to share their wealth with the Church. In many religions, the gift of a tithe was expected to equal 10% of the parishioner’s wages. (Tithing is still practiced today.) Those who could contribute their “fair share” were given special treatment.

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One Puff Says It All: Cigars You Should Avoid

If you truly love smoking a good cigar, there’s nothing better than lighting up and taking a good puff. However, there are some cigars on today’s market that make you want to do anything but that. They’re supposed to be a delight to one’s senses, a great way to puff away the stress of your day. But, in the case of many of the ones we have listed below, we hope none of you will have the misfortune of purchasing and smoking them at any point in time.… read more

Can Coffee Lower the Risk of Liver Cancer

There have been many opposite and varied opinions about whether or not coffee has any valid health benefits. Most people who enjoy their morning cup of joe are happy to hear about the positive studies and just as unhappy when health professionals warn that caffeine may be harmful to their health. The truth is that this popular caffeinated beverage, which is enjoyed worldwide, can be beneficial if it’s not consumed in excess.

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The Etiquette of Giving Gifts

Although gift-giving etiquette is different around the world, it is customary in almost every country to exchange gifts on certain holidays or to give someone a present on their birthday. Gifts may also be given when someone gets a promotion or graduates from high school or college. If you’re thinking of a nice way to celebrate, here are some general rules to keep in mind when looking for the perfect gift.… read more

Its Not Your Father’s Cigar Anymore

In days gone by, a cigar was just smoked. After a hard day at work, you would sit back and light up while letting the stress of the day disappear. While it had a great taste, it was still bland and boring. For years, it appeared as if that was the way cigars would always be. Then one day, flavors of all kinds started to be added to your favorite smokes. All of a sudden, a whole new world was available when lighting up. Flavors such as vanilla, grape, chocolate, coffee and more were at your beck and call. We’ve tried lots of these flavors and have found some that are simply irresistible.… read more