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A Few Brew Factoids

• Breweries were once operated hand-in-hand with bakeries, run by a single proprietor who was both master brewer AND master baker. (And oftentimes, this person was a woman!)
• On the average, more than 300 micro brews are consumed per year, per American consumer, and that number is steadily rising. (This count, obviously, does NOT include many members of your favorite Beer of the Month Club!)
• Beer-dos were the result of the once popular practice of rinsing the hair with beer in an attempt to get extra body. (Speaking of beer-dos, the word “weirdos” comes to mind . . . what a waste of good beer!)

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Recipes for Fruit of the Month Club

Compliments of Mother Nature & Your Favorite Fruit of the Month Club!

TAYLOR’S GOLD PEARS — The Taylor’s Gold pear is a mutation of the Comice Pear, first discovered in New Zealand in 1986. This sweet and flavorful russet pear is available in limited quantities in some markets. Enjoy this particularly juicy pear fresh or sliced, and add to a variety of salads and recipes. Taylor’s Golds are especially complemented served with soft ripening cheeses like Brie, Camembert, or any of the blues.… read more

Pizza Styles Across America

Loyalty to one’s regional pizza is admirable, but you may be missing out if you don’t indulge in all that American pizza cuisine has to offer:

NEW YORK STYLE: In the East, predominantly labeled “New York Style,” is the traditional Neapolitan type — boasting a light, thin crust and sizzling toppings. A big seller as a quick lunchtime food, it’s sold widely by the slice.

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Must-Have Items and Ideas for Celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day celebrations are cherished times among families big and small. But if you have not yet made a purchase for your dear dad, these must-haves make for perfect gifts for the old man. To give thanks to the man who raised you, stood by your side and maybe even walked you down the aisle, provide a comprehensive experience complete with all the essentials.

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Dad’s Favorite Brews for the Summer

Keep Dads Smiling all Summer with these Unique Beers

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to think about back-yard barbecues, baseball games, late-night movie marathons and Father’s Day. A few of dad’s favorite brews in the fridge will be a highlight, the perfect complement to his preferred pastimes. Here are a few dad-approved favorites:

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The World’s Oldest Breweries

Archeological evidence shows that beer was first brewed in Samaria and Iran several thousand years ago. During the Middle Ages, it was used to pay taxes and as a tithe to the church. In many locations, beer was consumed because it was safer than drinking water. There are now several large international companies and hundreds of micro-breweries producing this popular drink. While Yuengling Brewery of Pottsville, Pa., is the oldest in the United States having opened in 1829, others in Europe began producing beer centuries earlier. The following is a list of the oldest breweries still in operation.

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Top Beer Festivals Around the World

Are you the type of person who loves tasting new beers from around the world? Do you have a treasured favorite but want to sample some new brews from companies you have never heard of before? The top beer festivals in the world give you the chance to enjoy your love of beer, sample some new brews and maybe even make some friends at the same time.

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