Monthly Archives: September 2014

Is Chocolate the ultimate answer?

From headaches to heartbreaks, chocolate has been the go-to cure for decades. But did you know that it’s not just the comforting rich flavor that is so captivating? Chocolate is one obsession that has real substance! The object of our desire contains beneficial compounds that actually improve our moods and stimulate our brain functions!

With a crave factor as strong as that of coffee,… read more

Could it be 5 easy steps to a great Beer?

It’s really hard to wrap our heads around the fact that ALL beer is pretty rudimentary, with a handful of basics, and unlimited choices for additives and enhancers!


#1: MALT. Malt is actually roasted barley, and it’s available in many hues ranging from… read more

Orchids and the Aztecs

This month’s featured bouquet consists of white Dendrobium Orchids, accompanied by Bamboo Orchid foliage and novelty Ti leaves. The white orchids will be either the UH 306 “Uniwai Pearl” (a white blossom with a tinge of light green), or a “UH 44 “Uniwai Blush” (with a light purple blush to it), or a dazzling mix of the two.

Orchids were first known in the Mediterranean region as… read more