Country: South Africa  Region: Paarl in the Western Cape  Grape: Chardonnay

Paarl (pearl in Dutch) is a wine-producing district centered around the town of Paarl. It’s located 37 miles northeast of Cape Town and north of Stellenbosch, another important wine region. Paarl is home to some of South Africa’s best-known wine estates. The overall climate there is warm, with a Mediterranean influence, and there are three different soils to be found.

Backsberg currently has about 271 acres of vineyards. The area enjoys full sunny days in summer, and cold wet days in the winter — a great location for grape growing. Backsberg has become the first wine producer in South Africa, and one of only three in the world, to gain Carbon Neutral status by sequestrating its carbon emissions.

This 100% Chardonnay nectar is made from the fruit of both young vines which drive the fruit profile, and the low-yielding older vineyards which provide a very finely structured backbone. Aging on the lees contributes to the full body and creamy texture of this wine, of which total production is 10,000 cases.

Pale green with golden hues, the taste profile is a fusion of intense fruit-forward flavors of apricots, almonds and cream, balanced by a fresh citrus finish.

Enjoy it now, or cellar properly until 2023, which will allow rich flavors of honey and nuts, and complexity and interest to develop. Serve chilled as an aperitif or with lobster, braised chicken, creamy pasta dishes and salads.

Backsberg Estate Cellars Chardonnay:

CHARDONNAY — This white grape grows practically everywhere plants grow, adaptable to a wide range of climates. The flavors are extremely compatible with oak, so many Chardonnays receive some oak treatment.  This grape is full of fruity aromas and flavors ranging from apple to tropical fruit; sometimes displays subtle earth, mushroom and mineral aromas. It makes full-bodied dry wines of medium-high acidity.


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