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GARLIC: What Good Is It?

It’s a rare pizza that has an ingredient list with no mention of garlic. Most of us just happen to like the garlic punch flavor, and you may feel (as I do) that the probable physiological effects are just the frosting on the cake! Below is a partial list of garlic’s physical effects on our bodies. The studies (by competent scientists holding multiple degrees) believe that beyond any reasonable doubt, garlic can and will:

•           Lower both blood pressure and LDL (considered “bad”)… read more

Recipes for Fruit of the Month Club

Compliments of Mother Nature & Your Favorite Fruit of the Month Club!

TAYLOR’S GOLD PEARS — The Taylor’s Gold pear is a mutation of the Comice Pear, first discovered in New Zealand in 1986. This sweet and flavorful russet pear is available in limited quantities in some markets. Enjoy this particularly juicy pear fresh or sliced, and add to a variety of salads and recipes. Taylor’s Golds are especially complemented served with soft ripening cheeses like Brie, Camembert, or any of the blues.… read more