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Could it be 5 easy steps to a great Beer?

It’s really hard to wrap our heads around the fact that ALL beer is pretty rudimentary, with a handful of basics, and unlimited choices for additives and enhancers!


#1: MALT. Malt is actually roasted barley, and it’s available in many hues ranging from… read more

Chocolate Beer: Five Tantalizing Palate Pleasers

A Bit of Chocolate Beer History

Chocolate and beer have a long association dating back 3,000 years. That’s when the Aztecs discovered chocolate as a by-product of their efforts to ferment cacao beans for ceremonial drinks. Today, that happy pairing continues with delightful specialty blends that tantalize the palate. In fact, chocolate brews are rising in popularity among beer drinkers from coast-to-coast.… read more