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Finding and Buying Delicious Seasonal Fruit

Depending on where you are in the country, it can be difficult to find your favorite fruit. Items such as grapes and strawberries aren’t widely available in the northern latitudes, and items such as coconuts aren’t typically grown in anything other than tropical climates. If you’re looking for regional or seasonal fruit, how can you track it down?… read more

How to Identify Different Flavors in Wine

Wine tasting is the elaborate art of perceiving a myriad of tastes and sensations on your palate. It takes experience and passion to fully identify the multitude of flavors present in wine. To be an expert, it takes more than just an attentive and clever palate to sense aroma and taste. An expert must also have the intelligence and accuracy to be able to identify and describe in detail the compelling attributes of any choice of wine.… read more

How to Store Your Cigars for Longer Life

While many cigar lovers are truly dedicated to their hobby, there are still many people who consider cigar smoking an occasional treat. These smokers often have issues with taking care of their cigars. If you fall into the latter category, then you may have a couple of cigars that have dried out far before their time because they have been improperly stored. Extending cigar life is not as tricky as you think, but it does take some effort. Here are some tips on how to extend the lifespan of your cigars by storing them properly.… read more