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Cigar Facts and Cigar of the Month Selection


Mastering the art of cigar smoking entails some basics, the first of which is determining what it is that you really like.

This is such an individualistic choice that the recommendations of other cigar smokers may not aid you in making your choice. It’s best to try the different shapes, sizes, brands and colors to get an idea of what you like. From that point, you can narrow it down to a few favorites . . . or an entire Preferred List!

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Recipes for Fruit of the Month Club

Compliments of Mother Nature & Your Favorite Fruit of the Month Club!

TAYLOR’S GOLD PEARS — The Taylor’s Gold pear is a mutation of the Comice Pear, first discovered in New Zealand in 1986. This sweet and flavorful russet pear is available in limited quantities in some markets. Enjoy this particularly juicy pear fresh or sliced, and add to a variety of salads and recipes. Taylor’s Golds are especially complemented served with soft ripening cheeses like Brie, Camembert, or any of the blues.… read more

Pizza Styles Across America

Loyalty to one’s regional pizza is admirable, but you may be missing out if you don’t indulge in all that American pizza cuisine has to offer:

NEW YORK STYLE: In the East, predominantly labeled “New York Style,” is the traditional Neapolitan type — boasting a light, thin crust and sizzling toppings. A big seller as a quick lunchtime food, it’s sold widely by the slice.

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