Country: France  Region: Vin de Pays D’OC   Grapes: Estate Grown Roussanne, Grenache, Ugni Blanc

Chateau Saint Nabor is in the town of Cornillon. The history of this family owned Estate goes back to 1870 where the Castor family began farming there, growing cereals, fruit and grapes. The evolution of the present-day Estate began in 1945 when Edmond Castor focused on improving the vines, thus producing finer quality wines. He fought hard to obtain the Appellation of Origin Côtes du Rhône, finally awarded in 1972. Following his untimely death, his wife assumed leadership, and their son Gérard decided to focus only on quality grapes. Today, Gérard’s two sons now join him in continuing the family traditions. In 1972 the tasting room (located in an 11th century chapel) was opened to the public, the first tasting room in the area, and the first estate to sell bottled wine. Covering just 17 acres in 1972, today the estate has been expanded to encompass an area of 345 acres.

A light gold wine, it is 80% Roussanne, 10% Grenache, 10% Ugni Blanc, all Estate grown. The nose is elegant, with aromas of white fruit with pleasant acacia nuances. The taste is fresh and crisp, with excellent natural acidity. Well-balanced with a pleasant mouth-filling texture, it finishes clean. Enjoy it now, chilled, with appetizers, oysters, grilled and shell fish and cold soups.

Chateau Saint Nabor Côtes du Rhône:

ROUSSANNE GRAPES — One of two major varieties used to produce rare white wines in France’s Rhône Valley, this grape makes the finer, more delicate wines. (By comparison, the other, Marsanne, produces wines that are fatter and richer.)

GRENACHE GRAPES — Used to make wines that are rich, warm and alcoholic, and are often-times components of blended recipes, as in this month’s selection.

UGNI BLANC GRAPES — This is a variety usually used to make wines that are light, even, thin wines that need to be distilled as a rule. Ugni Blanc is key for making Armagnac and Cognac. With very few exceptions, Ugni Blanc wines prove to be light, fresh, quaffing wines at their very best.

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