(Vintage 2016, White) Country: Chile  Region: Central Valley  Grape: Chardonnay

Chilean wines date back to when Missionaries introduced vines and wine making in the mid-sixteenth century. However, the modern wine industry began in 1851 when grapes, and methods of viniculture and viticulture, were imported from Bordeaux moments before Phylloxera devastated France’s vineyards. Chilean vines have never been infected, and due to its fortunate geographical position bordered by the Andes, the Atacama Desert and winds from the Pacific, mildew is not a problem.

Santa Marvista is located in Los Andes in central Chile, north of Santiago, at the mountainous, eastern edge of the Aconcagua Valley. Because of the climate, soil and water conditions, this is one of Chile’s prime wine-producing regions. It owes its rich winemaking start to XVII century colonists, who are also credited with the “hacienda” style of architecture.

Santa Marvista brings you this 100% Chardonnay Reserva, a tantalizing golden-green colored wine. Your favorite Wine of the Month Club thinks you’ll appreciate the rich nose of tropical fruit and toasted oak. The flavor is rich and buttery, with exotic fruit flavors that linger through the finish.

Do not wait to enjoy this special wine. It is best served chilled, with your favorite rich fish dishes, chicken, grilled vegetables, soups, pork roast, or simply to share with friends.

Santa Marvista Chardonnay Reserva:

CHARDONNAY — This white grape grows practically everywhere plants grow, adaptable to a wide range of climates. The flavors are extremely compatible with oak, so many Chardonnays receive some oak treatment.  This grape is full of fruity aromas and flavors ranging from apple to tropical fruit; sometimes displays subtle earth, mushroom and mineral aromas. It makes full-bodied dry wines of medium-high acidity.

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