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Why should I choose your Cigar of the Month Club?
When you decide to place a Cigar Club order with us at Clubs of America, you are dealing with a company that has been doing this service since 1994 with over 3 million shipments. We are the most experienced company in the club business that strives for quality and service for our customers. You can check out Better Business Bureau reports by searching Clubs of America and you will see that we have earned an incredible reputation in the business. Your 100% satisfaction is everything to us and will stand behind everything we ship to you or your gift recipients.

What will I receive each month?
Each month you receive 5 different fresh hand-rolled premium cigars from around the World. Also included is our club newsletter "Cigar Expeditions". You will receive your shipment by the 3rd or 4th week of each month.

What are some examples of the cigars I may receive?
Dominican Republic’s Partagas Sabrose, Nicaragua’s Rosa Cuba Governors, United States’ San Jose Epicure, Netherlands’ Schimmelpenick Grand Corona, Honduras’ V Centennial Churchill, Mexico’s Vuelta Abajo Robusto, Philippines’ Campeon V.

How are the cigars packaged?
Each cigar is individually vacuum sealed by us to preserve optimal freshness during shipping. Then all 5 sealed cigars are then placed in a sealed zip lock bag for even more preserving. They are then packed in a box ready for shipping.

How are the cigars shipped?
We deliver the cigars via U.S. Mail to ensure freshness. We prefer a daytime office address to ensure timely delivery. You must be 18 or older to receive a shipment of cigars.

Can I choose the cigars I receive?
No, all the cigars are pre-selected for you. Each cigar is carefully judged and approved by our cigar tasting panel. You can order a variety of different cigars brands from our "Cigar Expeditions newsletter" at discounted prices.

Where do the cigars come from?
We feature cigars from around all different parts of the world. Countries such as Honduras, Jamaica, Canary Islands and The Dominican Republic.

How should I store my cigars?
Optimal storage is at 70 degrees and at 70% humidity. They will keep up to 1 week in our shipping zip lock bag. We recommend that long term you store them inside a humidor box. If this is not available, enclose them in an airtight Tupperware container with a moistened sponge. Do not put them in the freezer.

What is the shelf life of a cigar?
If stored as above they will last indefinitely. If not stored correctly, they will dry out and ultimately be ruined.

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