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Esterhazy Estorias Gruner Veltliner Weinviertel, Austria 2011
Mar De Palha Tinto Lisboa, Portugal 2009
Lariviera-Yturbe Malbec Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina 2011
Velentini Pietrachiara Vermentino Toscana, Italy 2011
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"These unique monthly shipments continually remind the person that it's from you."

"I don't know where they find these wines, but they're far better than I ever expected!"

-Marie R., Austin, TX

Wine of the Month Club

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Give the Wine of the Month Club!

What you get:

  • 3 bottles of International Wine delivered monthly
  • Choose all red, all white or mixed selections
  • Free personalized Wine Club gift letter included
  • Free Wine Expeditions monthly newsletter subscription
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping every month
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Wine of the Month Club Details

The Wine of the Month Club. Sophisticated. Elegant. Classy.


Discover the world’s finest, most exquisite handcrafted wines every month by becoming a member of our wine club of the month. Notable for their quality and unique local flavors, our wine selections are the finest offerings from small wineries around the world.

Become a member of Clubs of America’s wine of the month club today and relish in the exquisite taste of fine wines month after month.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Distinguished Taste From Wineries Around the World

Have you experienced the earthy, complex character of an Australian Shiraz? How does savoring the delicate finish of a premier South African Chardonnay sound?

Clubs of America is dedicated to delivering the distinct to members— this is the true wine lover’s club.

Our Global Wine Club sommeliers bring rare, distinct selections from all over the world to your home each month. Whether for yourself, a colleague, client, friend or significant other, you’ll love your monthly wine club offerings.

The exceptional quality of award-winning wines produced by small regional wineries— our wine of the month club is exquisitely distinct, to satisfy the wine connoisseur within.

The Wine Gift That Keeps On Giving

All red, all white or mixed?

Clubs of America’s monthly wine club is the perfect gift for any wine lover. Wine of the month selections are meticulously researched and judged by our experts, to ensure they meet your approval.

As a wine club member, you receive three full-sized bottles every month, each selection reflecting the uniqueness of its place of origin. Each delivery brings premium wines from wineries across the globe, sent via FREE shipping, to arrive during the third of fourth week of the month.

Distinguish yourself with the delicacy of exquisite sophistication with the wine gift that keeps on giving today.

Free Wine Expeditions Newsletter with Fascinating Info

Wine Expeditions is Clubs of America’s free monthly wine club newsletter. With each shipment, you get a behind-the-scenes, in-depth look at your wine of the month club selections and related features.

Learn about your fine selections and get exclusive members-only discounts on your favorite wines.

No Minimums, No Restrictions & FREE Shipping!

Clubs of America’s wine club of the month doesn’t hold you to any minimum subscription requirement. There’s no minimums, no restrictions. You get your choice of flexible delivery (FREE shipping) and billing options to suit your needs. Either pay up front or pay as you go. It’s totally up to you!

In addition to FREE shipping, we help keep the element of surprise by giving you the option of including a free customizable gift announcement with your order. Have it emailed or mailed, or simply print it yourself from our website, and give loved ones a wine gift they’ll never forget.

Wine of the Month Club 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Since our opening in 1994, Clubs of America has worked to ensure your complete satisfaction. We’re committed to your happiness. Whether you enjoy your wine of the month membership yourself or give as a gift for someone else, we know you’ll be satisfied. We guarantee it.

Join our Wine of the Month Club and treat yourself to 100% elegant, exquisite fine taste today and for months to come!

You must be 21 years of age or older to order and receive this product.

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