ADIRONDACK BREWERY – Lake George, New York  Dirty Blonde Pale Ale & Bear Naked Amber Ale

John Carr, an impressionable youth from Vermont, embarked on a great
adventure: backpacking around Europe. He did and saw the usual Vermonter- in-Europe things, but what impressed him the most was the
taste of the high quality European ales. They were unforgettable, and
after John returned to the states, he got a huge hankering for a European-
brewed ale. Failing to find any, it became his mission to learn
everything he could about European-style brewing and brew his own.

After grueling research and ten years of successfully brewing his own
ales which he shared with his demanding friends, John decided it was
an ideal time to open a brew pub in Lake George Village. His goal was
to brew innovative, all-natural, great tasting beer with one stipulation:
“It had to be drinkable on a hot summer day on Lake George.”

In no time, the Adirondack-inspired brew pub became a huge hit with
the locals and tourists who enjoyed drinking fresh, crisp, locally crafted
ales. Lake George and Adirondack Brewery both are destination points
for great beer and tasty all-American comfort food. Your favorite Beer of
the Month Club knows Adirondack to be an innovative, all-American style
brewery with all-American-style ale classics such as their Bear Naked
Ale (their most popular); to their summer favorite, Dirty Blonde Ale;
to their IPA called Iroquois Pale Ale; to their unique limited selections.
To keep up with demand, Adirondack now bottles its beers on site, and
have quadrupled their production. What’s in the bottle in your hand?
Dirty Blonde Pale Ale is not a fling, but a year ’round thing! It’s a
frisky, unfiltered session ale with a big-bubbled head and loads of character.

It offers great body, flavor and smooth mouth feel. Suspend her
flavorful sediment by giving her a swirl or tip before enjoying.
Adirondack Brewery’s best selling beer, Bear Naked Amber Ale honors
the Adirondack Black Bear who forages and indulges on fermented
fruit, making them do wild and crazy things. Tip a few and let loose!

BUTTE CREEK BREWERYUkiah, California   Organic Porter & Organic Pilsner

Butte Creek Brewing handcrafts award-winning earth-friendly organic
ales, pilsners, porters and lagers. Since 1998, they have been a pioneer
in brewing organically focusing on quality, balance and true hop flavor.
They support organic farming, fighting against global warming by reducing
their carbon imprint. Their microbrews are made using 100%
premium malted barley and whole-cone hops, certified by California
Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

Around the end of 1994, friends Tom Atmore and Bill Beeghly recruited
brew master Roland Allen to join them in founding Butte Creek Brewery.
They turned out their first batch of brew in May of 1996. Since that time,
they have expanded, changed directions, changed locations, and experienced expansion as they have steadily moved up the Ladder of
Success in the craft brewing industry.

Your favorite Beer of the Month Club salutes their many innovative
dabblings, including releasing their Organic IPA in 22 ounce bottles,
instead of the more common 12 ounce size. We also appreciate their
witty slogans, such as “Go Big or Go Home” for the aforementioned big bottle- baby IPA!) We sincerely hope you enjoy your Butte Creek brews
and support “The Official Beer of Planet Earth.”

Butte Creek Organic Porter pours into the pint dark brown, almost
black in color. Porters are honest ales, tasting like they look — rich, dark
and chocolaty, with not-so-subtle undertones of caramel and coffee. It
flows through the mouth with velvet smooth texture and finishes with
just a hint of hop crispness derived from traditional aroma hops.
Light, crisp, refreshing and delicious, just like a pilsner should be, Butte
Creek Organic Pilsner is a Gold Medal Winner at the Great American
Beer Festival. This brew, an American take on the German-style pilsner, is
brewed with organic Pale and Carapils malts and Hallertau and Motueka
hops. Only the finest ingredients make up this easy-drinking beer!

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