While a number of Americans select beer to commemorate Independence Day, wine is gradually increasing in popularity as refreshment. Summer has arrived, and eating outdoors is the way to go, particularly on the Fourth of July. There is nothing better than to honor the holiday with a great selection of the best American wines.


Madeira is one of the best choices when it comes to wines born in America. It is the same exact wine that the Founding Fathers of the nation used to toast when independence was declared. Additionally, Betsy Ross, the woman who sewed the American flag, reportedly had a glass of Madeira while she was doing her work on one of the country’s most important symbols. Even George Washington drank a pint of this wine after he had his dinner. This is precisely the kind of wine you should go for if you want to show your patriotism for this country.

Stony Hill Chardonnay

If you are a fan of chardonnays, this is a must-try wine; Stony Hill is very proud of their methods, particularly when it comes to wine fermentation. The winery’s chardonnays are fermented using older vessels so that the wine will be able to maintain its acidity and crispness. This is a good choice for those who do not want their wines too smooth and rich.

2008 Three Thieves Bandit White Wines

From the state of California, you can choose from Pinot Grigio and chardonnay options, which are extremely economical and even packaged with the environment in mind. These American wines are ideal for anyone planning to go for a picnic outdoors. This is the wine you want if you are looking for something fresh with a palpable fruity taste. Three Thieves Bandit also produces red wines.

2008 Channing Daughters Cabernet Sauvignon Rosato

If you are a fan of Rosé, the 2008 Channing Daughters Cabernet Sauvignon Rosato from Long Island is a great pick as it is a very delicious wine according to many enthusiasts. It is salmon pink in color and comes with tasty herbal notes. Expect a hint of raspberry and watermelon among its flavors. After all, the winery is best known for the blending of tropical fruits. This is one of the best choices if you are planning to eat some grilled meat on Independence Day.

Roederer Estate Brut NV

From Anderson Valley, this sparkling refreshment costs under $20. It is for everyone who loves bubbly drinks. The taste is crisp and definitely refreshing, which is something many people want during the summer. It comes with smooth mousse and different flavors that you can choose from, including brioche, citrus and apple.

These American wines will surely make the celebration of the Fourth of July more refreshing than ever. From the richness of the color to the savory flavors of the wine, both you and your senses will certainly be satisfied. Instead of drinking beer, sipping wine produced by free-thinking American winemakers will earn the country’s Founding Fathers’ approval.

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