Matt Brewery is the second oldest family-owned brewery in the United States, brewing beer since 1853. Their most popular product is the Saranac line of beers, though they also offer various soft drinks and ginger beer.

This brewery has been known by several names during its long history (Charles Bierbauer Brewery, The West End Brewing Company, Utica, etc.) Today the company is known as Matt Brewing Company, and is in its fourth generation of family ownership, led by Nick Matt, chairman and CEO, and Fred Matt, president.

There have been challenges! One of the biggest was a fire on May 29, 2008, that broke out in the packaging section. Canning and bottling were disrupted for more than a year, but that pause gave Matt Brewery the opportunity to expand, upgrade and streamline, encouraging them to produce a whole family of award-winning beers.

Saranac Harvest Ale is a wheat ale that’s unfiltered. It’s light bodied with a hint of tartness and a hop-forward citrus aroma and finish.

Saranac Irish Red Ale is made with specially kilned and roasted 2-Row malts for a wonderful caramel/toffee richly-colored ale.

Featured Beer from Matt Brewery:
Saranac Harvest Ale and Saranac Irish Red Ale

IRISH RED ALE – Matt’s Saranac Irish Red Ale – Usually subtle in flavor, Irish Red Ales are on the malty side, and are made with lots of lager-style hops. The red color comes from Crystal malt, crystallized and caramelized before being added to the brew. Enjoy with British bangers and mash, corned beef and cabbage, burgers and stews.

HARVEST ALE – Matt’s Saranac Harvest Ale – A Fall ale with so much to offer in both aroma and taste. It’s softly spiced with all the spices of Autumn. Serve with turkey, chicken, fish, shellfish, Camembert and Fontina cheeses, pumpkin pie or cheesecake.

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