It’s one of your favorite Pizza of the Month Club’s goals to keep things interesting by bringing our members not only a variety of pizza ingredients, but by offering diverse sauces as well. Thought we would refresh your memory with saucy stuff from our past. We love feedback — what are your favorites?

BBQ SAUCE: Spicy, sweet and savory, our special recipe calls for Worces-tershire sauce, vinegar, lemon, molasses, Tobasco, onions and spices.

We’re bringing back a favorite this month, our special GARLIC SAUCE. You know the one — with the olive and corn oils, cayenne pepper, spiced Romano cheese, and oh yeah, lots of garlic!

SPICY PEANUT SAUCE: Ours is made with peanut butter and Teriyaki, heated with the use of Red Seed of Chile.

CHEESE-LOVERS: A creamy blend of Mozzarella, Parmesan and spices adds the perfect finishing touch to all cheese-worthy pizza ingredients.

Nearly good enough to eat by the spoonful, our ALFREDO SAUCE is a blend of heavy cream, Romano, butter, eggs, flour, and salt.

Remember the killer PESTO? It was a blend of fresh basil and garlic, olive oil and Romano. It was NUTS! No, really! This sauce was made with crunchy almonds and pine nuts, too!

Inspiration from South of the border, our TACO SAUCE won awards for its blend of refried beans, tomato paste, salt, garlic, spices, warmed up with that blast of Jalapeño.

A real treat was the MARINARA SAUCE – boasting tomatoes, carrots, onions, spices, cheese and a drizzle of Chablis.

But without a doubt, the overwhelming majority of our customers seem to prefer The Gourmet Pizza Club®’s award-winning SPECIAL RECIPE TOMATO SAUCE. We are always proud to bring you our #1 sauce, a blend of onions, garlic, spices, Romano, corn and olive oils. Maybe it’s that whisper kiss of Chablis that does it.


This gourmet delight is crowned with our special Garlic sauce, made with olive and corn oils, garlic, cayenne pepper, and spiced Romano cheese. It’s the perfect sauce for the tender spiced Lemon Pepper chicken breast strips and the generous layer of Mozzarella. 


Alberto’s deep dish pan crust is highlighted with your favorite Pizza of the Month Club’s signature tomato sauce (with onions, garlic, spices, Romano, oils and Chablis). And it’s loaded with sliced spiced pork pepperoni and everybody’s favorite cheese, Mozzarella. Great job, Alberto!


This is a veggie lover’s dream, with a crust boasting cooked spinach. It’s heavy with red bell peppers, asparagus and mozzarella. Combined with our lavish Alfredo sauce made of heavy cream, Romano cheese, eggs and butter, it all adds up to an unusually good, back-to-nature pizza treat! (Bet Ricky Nelson would love THIS Garden Party!)


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