Smuttynose is named for the 3rd largest of the 9 islands making up the Isles of Shoals, off NH’s coast. 

Smuttynose Brewing got its start in Portsmouth, NH, in December of 1993, with the purchase of the assets of the failed Frank Jones Brewing Company by a partnership formed between the Portsmouth and Ipswich Brewing Companies. From the start, it benefited from the experience and expertise of its new owner/operators. But within months, Ipswich left the partnership, after which Smuttynose underwent a thorough period of reorganization, clean-up and repair. Their flagship beer, Shoals Pale Ale, debuted in July of 1994.

As Smuttynose continues to be New Hampshire’s leading (and oldest in the northeast) craft brewery, a proud mix of the old and new prospers. They have expanded and upgraded, re-packaged and re-structured. Your favorite Beer of the Month Club congratulates co-owners Peter Egelston and Joanne Francis in their pending move to the new Smuttynose/Portsmouth facility located at Towle Farm – closing out their twenty years spent in Portsmouth.

Their continued success and future growth depend on the unparalleled quality of their beers. Smuttynose’s quest is to constantly improve; their focus is on their market; and their pride shows in their outstanding product line and customer service. Still a fundamentally small brewer, their beers are inspired by their region’s history, character and flavor.

Rich, smooth and malty, award-winning Old Brown Dog Ale is a classic American Brown Ale. A hearty dark-amber, it’s rich, malty flavor is balanced by a clean hop finish. This is more strongly hopped and full-bodied than most “ordinary” classic brown ales.

Malty Robust Porter thumbs its nose to Winter with unreserved and aggressive (but never overbearing) full-bodied flavor. With undertones of coffee and chocolate, it’s Smuttynose’s most award-winning brew — multiple Golds over its 11 year history, plus Champion Porter in 2010.

Featured Beer from Smuttynose Brewery: Robust Porter & Old Brown Dog Ale

PORTER —Smuttynose Robust Porter: England’s first national beer, porters drank it for nourishment. Dark and robust, top-fermented porters are excellent with grilled red meats, fish & chips, oysters or venison stew. For dessert, pair with rich vanilla ice cream!

BROWN ALE — Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale: Never bitter, these medium-bodied, top-fermented ales are full of flavor, low in alcohol. This one is more full-bodied and heavier on the hops than most — great with smoked cheese, beef, or spicy gyros.

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