How to Store, Serve, and Drink Our Beer of the Month Club Beer


Using these tips, you can enjoy the best tasting beer possible!

Drinking Temperature . . . a beer that is too cold will not release and reveal its true flavor. Lagers and lighter beers, such as wheat beers and pale ales, should be served at 45° to 50° F. Heavier ales, stouts, bocks and porters should be consumed around 55° F. Your refrigerator is generally about 35° F; therefore, we recommend that you leave your beer sit out for about ten minutes to bring your beer to the ideal drinking temperature which will bring out all the true flavors.

Storage of Beer . . . to preserve freshness and obtain best taste please refrigerate after receiving. If you do not have room in your fridge, store microbrewed beer in a cool, dark place. Microbrewed beer can possibly spoil if exposed to heat, sunlight, or fluorescent light for even short periods of time. All of our monthly selections are brewed extremely fresh for you. Life span of this beer is generally 8-12 months refrigerated, and 4-6 months when not refrigerated.

Serving Beer . . . microbrewed beer should be served in a clean, room temperature mug or glass . . . never directly out of the bottle, because drinking out of a bottle doesn’t release the carbonation in the beer. You won’t be fulfilling your senses with the true taste, aroma and frothy head that a good beer always displays when served from a glass. Also, never use a cold or frosty glass, only room temperature, because when beer is too cold, it makes it harder to taste the boldness of the beer — your taste buds become frozen! Microbrewed beer should initially be poured down the side of the glass, then straight down the center for the final pour to obtain a “two fingered” head (1-1/2 inches).

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