Affiliate Commission Program

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An affiliate marketing program (also referred to as "associate marketing") is a unique online marketing model that facilitates revenue-share-based electronic commerce. The model offers merchants a fast, cost-effective means to create "virtual shelf space" on Web sites that offer content relevant to their product and/or service offering. At the same time, affiliates stand to profit from referral revenues without having to concern themselves with customer service, inventory or payment/fulfillment issues.

Pioneered by the likes of, the concept involves a merchant site creating a network, via the Web, of affiliated sites. These partner sites present the merchant's product offering and electronically link back to the merchant. Hence, when a visitor to the affiliate site decides to investigate making a purchase, he or she is taken directly to the merchant site to perform the transaction. A software tool from Commission Junction tracks this process and records the referring affiliate site so as to facilitate payment of a pre-negotiated sales commission to the affiliate.

Thanks to the technology, this process has become fairly simple, clean and, for many content and community sites provides an opportunity to enhance their offering and increase their revenues in addition to banner advertising. Click on the link at the top of this page to start earning now!