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About Us

Founded in 1994, Clubs of America is the original and largest gift of the month club source. Clubs of America is truly a unique and thoughtful gift idea for the Holiday season or any gift giving needs. There is no minimum membership terms, free shipping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Each club comes with a monthly fun and informative newsletter "Expeditions".

The Brands

Our clubs are unique, high in quality and in demand, especially for all gift-giving seasons. Promote any or all of our eight popular gift clubs:

  • Beer of the Month Club
  • Wine of the Month Club
  • Flowers of the Month Club
  • Coffee of the Month Club
  • Fruit of the Month Club
  • Pizza of the Month Club
  • Cigars of the Month Club
  • Chocolate of the Month Club

Our Affiliate Program

The Clubs Of America Affiliate Program allows participating websites to earn commission on sales referred to any of our clubs using the platform through the Commission Junction network to track your results and pay you fast commissions. We provide you with links and banners to post on your site, and when a site visitor who you have referred to us becomes a customer and makes a verified paid purchase we will then pay you a commission on the sale. Itís that simple!

Affiliate Value Propositions

  • Ongoing Offers
  • Exclusive Coupons and Vanity Codes for select, qualified affiliates
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Frequent Affiliate Bonus Opportunities
  • Trademark+ Bidding
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support

Affiliate Program Highlights

  • $12 Commission Per Sale
  • 120 Day Cookie
  • Up-to-date Datafeed

PPC Policy

Direct linking to our site and use of our display URL is not permitted. Bidding on our brand names and brand name phrases alone are not permitted (including misspellings and variations). The list provided is subject to change. Also, publishers cannot purchase URLs which include our trademarks or misspellings/variations. You may place bids on terms such as "Brand + Term", where Term = "coupon, sale, promotion", etc.

Coupon Policy

Coupons and Promotional Codes Terms and Conditions: If you are enrolled in our Program and your Website promotes coupon codes, you must adhere to our Coupon Guidelines as follows. We reserve the right to deny payment of commissions if these guidelines are not followed. Publishers may only use coupons and promotional codes that have been provided to them exclusively through the affiliate program and are currently active in the network. -Publishers may not advertise coupon codes obtained from our non-affiliate advertising, customer e-mails, paid search, or any other campaign. -Coupons must be displayed in their entirety with the full offer, valid expiration date and code. You may not use expired offers or present offers that do not exist or are not affiliate offers.

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