"I love this gift. Great selection — I couldn't have picked better beers myself."

- Craig S.
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What's Included in our Beer Club Subscription
Treat yourself or someone special to great taste month after month by joining our Craft Beer of the Month Club. Since 1994 we have shipped the best beer club subscription offered in America to all our members by hand-selecting the finest freshest craft beer from across the country. Each beer club monthly shipment contains a 12-pack with 4 different types of rare craft beer in 12 ounce — fresh from two different small American craft breweries. Also included in your shipment is "Beer Expeditions" your club newsletter. We have decades of experience operating our popular beer club and it shows in our superior product quality and exceptional service. Join today and receive Free Shipping Every Month!
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12 Hand-Selected Beers
Four varieties each month: Ales, Lagers, Bocks, IPAs, Stouts, Porters and more!
Beer Expeditions Newsletter
Every package ships with our monthly newsletter covering your selections, fun facts and more.
Personalized Gift Letters
Personalize your message and even send a special reminder before your gift ships with our email gift letter announcement.
Happiness Guarantee
Flexible subscription options. Cancel anytime. Plus: Free Shipping. Every Gift. Always.
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About our Beer of the Month Club

For more than 28 years we have been delivering great tasting, award winning microbrewed craft beer to our Beer of the Month Club members, from small craft breweries across America. Our Beer of the Month Club has delivered millions of packages to happy customers over the many decades we have been in business. We have incredible experience in selecting the best of the best craft beer thats featured each month.  All of our beer club packages are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We only ship freshly packaged beer.  With craft beer, the fresher the beer the better the taste.

Each month we feature fresh and unique craft beer from two or three breweries that are focused on the highest quality. Our Beer of the Month Club members receive monthly beer shipments delivered straight to their door. Each month, the recipient will receive 12 rare craft beers with 4 different varieties in each shipment. Each month we send out a variety of craft beer styles including Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Lagers, Bocks, and more! Our Beer of the Month Club also doesn’t skimp on size so we’re sending you 12 full-sized 12-ounce beers in bottles and sometimes cans, that will treat you or someone special to great tasting beer all month long.

Not only are you receiving the best beer but you will also receive a FREE Beer Expeditions monthly newsletter subscription where we’ll give you great information on the fresh beer you received this month for your Beer of the Month Club subscription as well information on the featured breweries. Also, don’t forget to read up on our tips and tricks to enjoy your beer. This is all offered to you with FREE shipping each month for our Beer of the Month Club as well as any other monthly club we offer.

We offer our Beer of the Month Club members the chance to customize the length of their fresh beer monthly shipments as well. We offer two-month subscriptions, while also offering three, four, six, and twelve-month beer subscriptions. We offer you the ability to get beer shipments monthly, every other month, or every three months.

All of our featured craft beers in our Beer of the Month Club are traditionally brewed from only all natural ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water. Absolutely NO chemicals, corn, rice or preservatives are used in these beers. Only the best beer is hand-selected for our members of the Beer Club!

Don’t forget to check out our Beer Club Blog for updated content related to the best beer club in America!

Must be 21 years of age or older to order and receive this product.
Adult Signature Required upon delivery.
Offer void in Tennessee.  Delivery not available in some states and zip codes. You will be notified at checkout if we are unable to ship to your delivery address.

Can I choose the beer I receive?

No. All the beer is pre-selected for you by an expert tasting panel. Each beer is carefully judged and approved by our tasting panel. Once you are a member, you can reorder a list of past selections at discounted prices.

Do you feature craft beer in cans in addition to bottles?

Yes, we feature the finest craft beer in both cans and bottles, many are Award Winning beers every month. All in 12 ounce size.  Only featuring breweries in bottles would reduce our ability from featuring some of America’s top rated award winning craft beers that package in cans.  There are so many craft breweries nationwide packaging their beer in cans than ever before.   Cans have many advantages over bottles with beer, such as, being more eco-friendly, more portable, lighter and cans are allowed in many more places such as, beaches, poolside, lakes, parks, and many outdoor events.  Cans are also the ultimate protection for beer because they are both lightproof and airtight so cans it will keep your beer fresher longer and preserve flavors better.  Also, with today’s cans there are no metallic flavors because of a lining inside the can which completely protects the beer.

How is the beer packaged?

To prevent breakage we package the 12 pack of craft beer in special packaging to ensure safe, fresh deliveries. All our packaging is 100% recyclable.

How is the beer shipped?

We deliver the beer through our network via common carriers. We prefer a daytime office address to ensure timely delivery. You must be 21 or older to receive a shipment of beer. An Adult signature over 21 is required. Delivery not available in some states and zip codes. You will be notified at checkout if we are unable to ship to your delivery address.

How should I store the beer?

We recommend refrigerating the beer once you receive it to preserve optimal freshness. If refrigerated, the shelf life is 8 to 12 months. If you do not refrigerate the beer, the shelf life is 4 to 6 months. Always store beer in a cool, dark place away from light.

What are some examples of the beer I may receive?

All beer is brewed fresh for our members by small American microbreweries in the U.S. Past selections include: Great Divide’s Denver Pale Ale, Local Color’s Smooth Talker Pilsner, Butte Creek’s Winter Ale, Snake River’s Lager, Pony Express’ 75th Street Brown Ale, Rock Creek’s Devil’s elbow India Pale Ale, Coast Range’s California Blonde Ale, Rockies’ Amber Ale, and many more.

What does “microbrewed” craft beer mean?

These are specialty beers with more flavor than the mass-produced alternative. They are made in very small quantities and only available in the local town where they are brewed. They are all-natural and contain no additives or preservatives.

What will I receive each month?

Each month you receive a 12-pack of four (4) different types of fresh microbrewed craft beer in 12-ounce bottles and cans. You will also receive our club newsletter “Beer Expeditions.” You will receive your shipment by the 3rd or 4th week of each month.

Where do the beers come from?

All over the United States from small American craft breweries. Each batch we feature is freshly brewed for our members.

Why should I choose your Beer of the Month Club?

When you decide to place a Beer Club order with us at Clubs of America, you are dealing with a company that has been doing this service since 1994 with over 3 million shipments. We are the most experienced company in the club business and we are committed to the highest quality products and service for our customers. You can check out Better Business Bureau reports by searching Clubs of America and you will see that we have earned an incredible reputation. Your 100% satisfaction is everything to us and will stand behind everything we ship to you or your gift recipients.

Are there any memberships fees?

There are no upfront membership fees. Only a monthly product club price that includes free shipping every month.

All Beer of the Month Club FAQs
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