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Wine dates way back, but did you know beer pre-dates wine? Both were staple beverages since long before B.C., but back then, neither resembled how we expect them to taste according to today’s standards. As a member of your favorite Beer of the Month Club, you know the definition of beer: a fermented liquid made of hops, grain, water and yeast. Beer especially is a changed drink, as it was brewed before the discovery of hops. What type of beer you could find was determined by where your global roots were planted.

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Chocolate Beer: Five Tantalizing Palate Pleasers

A Bit of Chocolate Beer History

Chocolate and beer have a long association dating back 3,000 years. That’s when the Aztecs discovered chocolate as a by-product of their efforts to ferment cacao beans for ceremonial drinks. Today, that happy pairing continues with delightful specialty blends that tantalize the palate. In fact, chocolate brews are rising in popularity among beer drinkers from coast-to-coast.… read more