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  • Dark Delights with Chocolate Mousse
  • Truffles with Foil Cherries
usa today "These unique monthly shipments continually remind the person that it's from you."
"I expected some out-of-the-box chocolates. These are more like what you'd get at some fancy chocolate shop." - Maureen T., Oak Ridge, NC

Chocolate of the Month Club

$35.95 per month, with FREE SHIPPING.
Order Now! Save $25 Instantly with any 12-month membership!
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What you get:
  • One full pound of premium chocolates delivered monthly in a custom presentation box
  • Finest quality, hand-dipped, and fresh from the chocolatier
  • Free, personalized Chocolate Club gift letter
  • Free Chocolate Expeditions monthly newsletter subscription
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping every month
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Chocolate of the Month Club Details

Sinful. Decadent. Completely and totally irresistible.

We're talking about our chocolate of the month club!

Clubs of America is bringing its luscious, handmade chocolates directly to you. From dreamy truffles and silky-rich turtles, to mouthwatering dark delights, our monthly chocolate club celebrates the chocolaty cravings in your life. ...And we don't take it lightly!

Join our chocolate of the month club for the best, most delectable chocolates you've ever tasted!

What's Your Chocolate of Choice?

We're serious. When it comes to chocolate, we don't mess around...

Exceptionally rich and creamy, our chocolates are made in small batches the old-fashioned way— by hand— to satisfy those with exquisite taste.

This is the true chocolate lover's club.

Whether it's the crisp, minty freshness you crave, or creamy, melting mouthfuls you're after, our monthly chocolate club is here to satisfy and delight.

The Chocolate Gift That Keeps on Giving

Something about a box of fine chocolates speaks directly to the heart. And what better way to brighten your special one's day?

Clubs of America's chocolate of the month club brightens lives month after month. Made with all-natural ingredients, our exclusive, gourmet chocolates are all hand-dipped by a family-owned Chicago chocolatier founded in 1920, and are among the finest in the world.

Make your loved ones smile with the best chocolate gift you'll ever purchase. Guaranteed.

Divine, Delectable Desserts Delivered to Your Door

What's better than chocolate gifts delivered to your door each month? A variety of chocolates delivered each month!

Join our chocolate of the month club and receive a variety of delicious selections every month. Each shipment arrives during the third or fourth week of the month, in a custom box presentation. That's one full pound of exquisite handmade chocolates monthly! FREE shipping too, of course.

Free Chocolate Expeditions Newsletter with In-Depth Chocolaty Info

Are you a chocolate connoisseur? Good!

Chocolate Expeditions is Clubs of America's free monthly newsletter written for the chocolate-lover at heart. Enjoy fascinating, in-depth information about the world of fine chocolates with your monthly chocolate club selections. Learn about your delicious desserts, and get exclusive members-only discounts on your favorites!

No Minimums, No Restrictions & FREE Shipping!

Clubs of America's chocolate club of the month doesn't limit your options. There are no minimum subscription requirements. We offer flexible delivery and billing options, letting you pay up front or as you go. Whatever you want, it's up to you!

In addition to offering FREE shipping on your monthly chocolate club deliveries, we give you the option of including a free customizable announcement with your order. Have it emailed or mailed, or print it from our website, and give your chocolate lovers the ultimate chocolate gift that keeps on giving!

Chocolate of the Month Club 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Since our opening in 1994, Clubs of America has worked to ensure your complete satisfaction. We're 100% committed to your happiness. Whether you enjoy your chocolates of the month yourself or give as a gift for someone else, we know you'll be satisfied. We guarantee it.

Join our Chocolate of the Month Club and enjoy 100% mouthwatering satisfaction today— and for months to come!

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