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"These unique monthly shipments continually remind the person that it's from you."

"I gave the cigar club to an important client who I knew liked cigars. To this day he raves about it!"

- Louis M., Sun Valley, NV

Cigar of the Month Club

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Give the Cigar of the Month Club!

What you get:

  • Five aromatic, easy-smoking cigars delivered monthly
  • Humidor-fresh, imported premium cigars
  • Free cigar cutter included
  • Free, personalized Cigar Club gift letter
  • Free Cigar Expeditions monthly newsletter subscription
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping every month
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Cigar of the Month Club Details

For those who enjoy the timeless pleasure of a truly fine cigar, the Worldwide Cigar Club from Clubs of America presents the ultimate tobacco experience.

Rare tobacco blends from every corner of the world, expertly hand-rolled and preserved for optimum freshness, give our cigar club members the opportunity to savor world-class cigars at their leisure. A Cigar of the Month Club gift membership offers a traditional way to celebrate major events with fellow enthusiasts.

The world's best handmade cigars, delivered fresh to your door

From Honduras to Amsterdam, Cuba to Luzon, our cigaristas scour the globe in search of the finest cigars for our cigar club members. Each month you'll receive 5 handcrafted, richly flavored exotic cigars, sent straight from our humidors in double airtight packaging. Your selections will arrive during the 3rd or 4th week of every month.

Enclosed with each monthly shipment: our FREE newsletter

Cigar Expeditions, your monthly cigar club newsletter, offers unique insights on the world of fine tobacco. Learn about your cigar of the month selections, and take advantage of exclusive members-only discounts.

No minimums, no restrictions, no surprises

Other monthly cigar clubs limit your options. But your Cigar Club membership can run for as long as you wish. There are no minimum subscription requirements. We offer flexible delivery and billing options to suit your needs. Your purchase even includes a FREE customizable gift announcement.

Satisfaction guaranteed, by a company you can trust

As America's first and foremost gift club specialist since 1994, Clubs of America completely guarantees your 100% satisfaction. We're committed to your happiness. Come Give the Cigar of the Month Club today!

You must be 18 years of age or older to order and receive this product.

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