10 Extremely Funny Microbrew Names

1. Wreck the Halls

BREWED BY: Full Sail Brewing Company

Wreck the Halls

An American IPA schemed by the Full Sail Brewing Company in Hood River, OR. This a seasonal winter warmer
with traditional IPA hops and a cheery holiday kick. Tip a couple back and watch your Christmas carols take a rowdy turn.

2. In Heat Wheat

BREWED BY: Flying Dog Brewery

In Heat Wheat

A Hefeweizen style wheat beer from the popular Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland. Pours golden brown and hinted with bananas, this crisp beer is a refreshing way to escape the heat and treat yourself to the good life - every dog has its day.

3. Human Blockhead

BREWED BY: Shmaltz Brewing Company

Human Blockhead

An American Amber from the Shmaltz Brewing Company in San Francisco California. Red in color and scented with citrus and pine, this traditional red is a recipe for disaster. At 10 percent, you might find yourself taking the circus home with you forgetting you were told not to try this at home.

4. Polygamy Porter

BREWED BY:Wasatch Brewery

Polygamy Porter

An American Porter from the wholesome folks at the Wasatch Brewery in Salt Lake City. This brew was created specifically for the Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City and makes light of the state's religious history as it illustrates that drinking is best when done in groups.

5. Golden Shower

BREWED BY:Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Golden Shower

An American Double/Imperial Pilsner from the quirky staff at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Though this is the humorous alias for their Golden Era beer, the label suggests nothing but adventurous golden refreshment and trickles of warming enjoyment.

6. Old Leghumper Porter

BREWED BY: Thirsty Dog Brewing

Old Leghumper Porter

An American Porter from the mid-western Thirsty Dog Brewing in Centerville, Ohio. Characterized by its heat-roasted malts and a subtle sweetness, this frothy porter is a pint of liquid libido. Though the drink is confident and smooth, you won't be the Casanova you were before your fair share. Remember, no leg humping at the bar.

7. Buttface Amber

BREWED BY: Big Horn Brewery (Ram International)

Buttface Amber

An American Amber Ale from the Big Horn Brewery (Ram International). Served at Ram Restaurants across America, Buttface is an award-winning amber ale with rich caramel flavors and a sweet lingering. Though the ABV is unknown, a proper amber is nothing to take lightly - a few too many and you're likely to head butt a friend or face plant all on your own.

8. Arrogant Bastard

BREWED BY: Stone Brewing

Arrogant Bastard

An American Strong Ale spawned by the Stone Brewing in Escondido, California. With one of the most distinctive (and comical) marketing campaigns known to the world of domestic microbrews, the Arrogant Bastard is an aggressive beer that is mostly likely too good for you and suggests that you stick to your tasteless fizzy yellow beers.

9. Hoptimus Prime

BREWED BY: Legacy Brewing Company

Hoptimus Prime

An American Imperial IPA from the Legacy Brewing Company in Reading, Pennsylvania. This is a classic IPA with an amazingly classic and endearing name. Like most IPA's, it's all about the hops and at nine percent, it has to be said, this brew is more than meets the eye.

10. Yellow Snow

BREWED BY: Rogue Brewery

Yellow Snow

An American IPA from the infamous Rogue Brewery in Newport, OR. This is a lighter beer with a golden hue and a warming effect. Rogue's humorous name reminds us all that when you're parched and desperate for something to drink, avoid the yellow snow, unless it's bottled.

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