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When it comes to the great natural wonders of the world, beer and women surely top the list -- we absolutely-positively adore women that drink beer. Lucky for us, this perfect combination exists across the globe, in all shades. That said, the list below combines our passions for beer and beauty and highlights a list of international beer babes.

  1. Germany

    When it comes to a list of international beers and the beauties that drink them, it is no secret that Germany will top the list. Brewed in Munich by the Spaten Brewery, Spaten beer has been a German favorite since 1397.
    Beer Babes Gernamy


  2. Ireland

    Home of the world’s most famous stout, The Emerald Isle is proud to provide us with beautiful fair skinned lass’ and the dark complected Guinness Dry Stout. Born in Dublin, Ireland in the late 1700s there is truly nothing like a properly poured Guinness.
    Beer Babes Ireland


  3. United States

    Although the United States is one of the newer countries in the world, its domestic beers run deep within the culture. Between the hundreds of microbreweries brewing handcrafted beer, and the Coors Brewing Company in Golden, CO and Anheuser-Busch in St Louis, MO (Budweiser), major sporting events and college parties are almost exclusively fueled by this great American pastime.
    Beer Babes USA


  4. Australia

    When you think of Australia, it’s easy to envision sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful skinny blondes-a-plenty. Fortunately, when it comes to Australian beers, the imagery is not much different -- between Fosters and the Skinny Blonde Lager, their is no shortage of jaw-dropping smoothness.
    Beer Babes Australia


  5. Caribbean

    The Caribbean Islands are certainly an exotic destination where you’ll find pure relaxation and island inspired spirits. Brewed by the Carib Brewing Company of Trinidad and Tobago, Carib beer is a premium lager that will sooth the senses and bring out the beauty in all that you see.
    Beer Babes Caribbean


  6. Spain

    While most people think of red sand and traditional sangria in association with Spain, it’s hard to ignore their elegant women and supreme cerveza. Brewed by the Grupo Mahou-San Miguel in Madrid since 1890, Mahou and Cinco Estrellas are both local favorites and the drink of choice for many post-siesta Spanish nights.
    Beer Babes Spain


  7. Japan

    Entering the list as our first Asian variety, Sapparo is a Japanese lager that is easily the country’s most notable brew. Even though the beer is now made in both Japan and Canada, the first Sapparo was brewed in Tokyo and has been the preferred beer of Japanese women in white bikinis since 1876.
    Beer Babes Japan


  8. Poland

    When you’re in such close proximity to the brewing motherland of Germany, good beer and beautiful blondes are bound to be close by. In fact, in the next country over, Poland boasts a world class pale lager called Zywiec Full -- a Polish favorite since 1852.
    Beer Babes Germany


  9. Brazil

    Widely known for its topless beaches and fever for dance, Brazil can also be recognized for its refreshing Devassa beer. Ironically, even though Brazil is considered a somewhat sexually uninhibited culture, Paris Hilton’s “sexy” Devassa TV commercial sparked an uproar because it allegedly violated Brazil’s laws against using sex to sell alcohol.
    Beer Babes Brazil


  10. Switzerland

    Leave it to the Swiss to bring a feminine touch to a beer brand. Yep, Eve is a beer from Switzerland that is marketed as a beer for women only -- the reason, it has less alcohol than most beers and boasts a mild taste with a litchi or grapefruit aroma. Whether it suits your tastes or not, you’re sure to enjoy the blonde bombshell holding the beer.
    Beer Babes Switzerland


  11. Belgium / UK

    Even though Belgium is most widely known for its ales, pilsner lagers such as Stella Artois and its sister beer Jupiler, put the small country on the map as they make up for almost 75% of all Belgian beer production. First brewed in Leuven, Belgium in 1366, Stella Artois is now predominantly brewed in the UK -- but a dutch hometown hero nonetheless.
    Beer Babes Belgium and UK


  12. Thailand

    Making the list as another notable Asian beer, Thailand’s top selling Singha pale lager has been brewed by the Boon Rawd Brewery since 1933. Marked by the Singha lion and preferred by Thailand’s finest women, this brew puts the small country on the map.
    Beer Babes Thailand

  13. Netherlands

    Though it was technically created in the Netherlands in 1873, the famous Heineken pilsner is now a worldwide operation with Heineken International breweries in the USA, UK and, of course, the Netherlands. Recognized for its signature green bottle, this brew tastes as pretty she looks.
    Beer Babes Netherlands


  14. Germany

    Okay, being the international Beer & Babes powerhouse that it is, this list must end with one last shout out to Germany -- this time for its world renown creation of Oktoberfest. On behalf of all the world, thank you Germany for your contribution of beautiful women serving and drinking mass quantities of beautiful beer. We’re all merrier as a result. Prost!
    Beer Babes Germany


    Beer Babes Germany


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