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men's health "These are the best-tasting frozen pizzas we have ever eaten and better than most parlor pizzas."
"We ordered this for my son in college, he looks forward to it every month. If only I could get it delivered more often!" - Terry M., Gainesville, FL

Pizza of the Month Club

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  • Three different 9-inch Chicago Style deep dish gourmet pizzas
    each month
  • Ships once monthly with overnight delivery
  • Comes shipped in a free, reusable cooler every month
  • Free, personalized Pizza Club gift letter
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free Pizza Expeditions monthly newsletter subscription
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping every month
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Pizza of the Month Club Details

We are America’s Number One Pizza of the Month Club!

Handcrafted deep-dish crusts. Rich, original sauces. Gourmet cheeses with steamy-fresh toppings. Clubs of America’s pizzas are the perfect gift for your favorite pizza lover. From the moment you pop our gourmet pizzas into the oven, you know you’re in for one special treat.

Join America’s Number One pizza club and get your fill of delicious pizza. With three new, different 9-inch deep-dish Chicago-style pies coming in each month, this is the pizza gift that keeps on giving.

Treat your loved ones with something special by joining our pizza club. We know you’ll love it. Guaranteed!

Fresh, All-Natural, Hearty Pizzas

Better than the local parlor? That’s right!

Every pizza pie ordered is a masterpiece, handmade with fresh, all-natural ingredients specifically for you by a family-owned Chicago Pizzeria that’s been making pies since 1947. Hearty, delicious, with endless mouth-watering flavor— our pies are authentic deep-dish Chicago-style and make a great gourmet pizza gift for any and every occasion. We guarantee it!

The Pizza Gift That Keeps On Giving

Clubs of America proudly offers you three gourmet pizzas each month. That’s three varieties every month. Join our pizza club, and let your taste buds relish in the excitement of receiving something new with every delivery! This is the gift that keeps on giving!

Direct Deliveries to Your Home or Office

What’s better than mouthwatering goodness delivered directly to you?

As part of our monthly pizza club, you or your loved ones receive freshly made pies monthly with FREE shipping. Simply remove from the reusable cooler, bake at your convenience and enjoy the hearty goodness of our handmade Chicago-style pizza!

Free Pizza Expeditions Newsletter with Fascinating Info

Are you a pizza lover— a true pizza lover?

Pizza Expeditions is Clubs of America’s free monthly newsletter written specifically for the pizza lover in us all. With each shipment, you get a behind-the-scenes, in-depth look at your monthly pizza club selections and related features. You even get exclusive members-only discounts on the gourmet pies you love the most!

No Minimums, No Restrictions— But Lots of Surprises!

Clubs of America’s pizza club of the month doesn’t hold you to any minimum subscription requirement. There’s no minimums, no restrictions. You get your choice of flexible delivery (FREE shipping) and billing options to suit your needs. Either pay up front or pay as you go. It’s totally up to you!

Now, surprises— that we do offer. Not only do you get a variety of pizzas each month. We help keep the element of surprise by giving you the option of including a free customizable gift announcement with your order. Have it emailed or mailed, or simply print it yourself from our website, and give loved ones a pizza gift they’ll never forget!

Pizza of the Month Club 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Since our opening in 1994, Clubs of America has worked to ensure your complete satisfaction. We’re committed to your happiness. Whether you serve your pizza of the month for dinner or give as a gift for someone else, we know you’ll be satisfied. We guarantee it.

Join our Pizza of the Month Club and treat your taste buds to 100% mouthwatering, steamy-fresh satisfaction today!

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