The 16 Mile brand name dates all the way back to the early 1700’s, when Georgetown was still known as Pettijohn’s Old Field, a small town located in central Sussex County in Delaware. The brewery was 16 miles from anywhere, which is how the brewery obtained its name. 16 Mile Brewery evolved to be the absolute best gathering place for farmers, merchants, neighbors and politicians to meet up with each other to talk and discuss business, both official and unofficial. The walls resounded with impromptu political speeches, crop reports, the price of hog bellies and juicy neighborhood gossip. (Today, the walls reverberate with live music!)

The current 16 Mile Brewery was founded in 2009 by Chad Campbell and Brett McCrea. The land that the brewery is on has been in the McCrea family since the early 1980’s. In its past it has

housed a pig farm, chicken farm and wide open cattle land, none of which have been as successful as the brewery! Your favorite Beer of the Month Club appreciates that 16 Mile Brewery is all about authenticity, quality and fervor — the love of the entire process. Chad Campbell says he loves every facet of it. He’s never worked harder, but reports he hasn’t had “a job” since 2009! Brett McCrea revels in the creativity behind crafting the beers they make and the innovation behind bringing liquid stories to life. What are they sending you?

A beer that celebrates those who feed their communities, Tiller Brown Ale is robustly flavored with chocolate and coffee. Muddy brown and mild bittering provide a rich, smooth flavor, honoring Delaware’s rich agricultural history.

Named for the famous sunsets off the local Breakwater Lighthouse, Amber Sun Ale is dark red to the eye; easy on the palate. Roasty finishing malts balance perfectly with just-right bitterness. 

Featured Beer from 16 Mile Brewery: Tiller Brown Ale & Amber Sun Ale

BROWN ALE — 16 Mile Brewery’s Tiller Brown Ale: Never bitter, these medium-bodied, top-fermented ales are full of flavor, low in alcohol. This one is rich and smooth with mild bittering that’s great with smoked cheese, beef, or spicy gyros.

DARK AMBER ALE —  16 Mile Brewery’s Amber Sun Ale: A blushing ale of distinctive color and malt flavors, it gets it red hues from the specialty malts. Top fermented, it is notably complex, balanced, and easy to drink. What to serve it with? Nothing’s better than a dark amber ale and piping hot home-made vegetable soup or beef stew.

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