Self-taught brewers, Jason Yarusi and Jeffrey Simon, roommates and fellow bartenders, first cranked out beer in their kitchen. Those experiments led to the 2012 creation of Alphabet City Brewing Company.  ACBC’s goods can be found throughout New York City, and through your favorite Beer of the Month Club!

ACBC is proud to be one of the few New York City breweries, though NYC has had a rich 100-year brewing history. This has given Alphabet City Brewery a strong foundation on which to build, and offers a challenge they enthusiastically embrace. Their passion continues to evolve, now looking forward to the of opening a brewpub. (In a fine working partnership, ABCB beer is bottled at Shmaltz Brewery.)

They love beer and love sharing their beer with friends. That’s what their style is all about — camaraderie and the group experience. They provide brews for everyone to gather around; brews perfect for accompanying a meal or for sharing a story. They brew for you – brews for celebrations and collaborations!

Alphabet City Easy Blonde Ale is a crisp, light-bodied golden ale that has hints of citrus and white pepper. It’s lagered to give it a smooth, crisp finish.

Featured Beer from Alphabet City: Easy Blonde Kolsch Ale 

GOLDEN ALE — Alphabet City’s Easy Blonde Kolsch Ale: In a class all its own, top fermented golden ales sometimes present lively carbonation. This perfect example of a Kolsch golden is the easy choice — smooth and light-bodied. Serve early with cheese and crackers, later with sauteed shrimp, fresh fish, smoked salmon, or grilled chicken or brats.


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