Self-taught brewers, Jason Yarusi and Jeffrey Simon, East Village roommates and fellow bartenders, first cranked out beer in their kitchen. Those experiments led to the creation, four years ago, of the aptly named Alphabet City Brewing Company. Now the duo makes light, Kolsch-style “Easy” Blonde Ale, nutty “Dizzy Brewnette” Brown Ale, and robustly hopped “Alpha Male” IPA. While there is no tasting room in which to linger, ACBC’s goods can be found throughout the city of New York, and through your favorite Beer of the Month Club.

Established in 2012, it is proud to be one of the few New York City breweries, though NYC has had a rich brewing history that reaches back over 100 years. This has given ACBC a strong foundation on which to build, and offers a challenge they enthusiastically embrace every day. What started as two roommates brewing beer in their kitchen has evolved to being on the verge of opening a brewpub in the near future. They love beer and love sharing their beer with friends. That’s what their style is all about — camaraderie and the group experience. They provide brews for everyone to gather around; brews perfect for accompanying a meal or for sharing a story. They brew for you – brews for celebrations and collaborations!

Their very first batch of “Easy” Blonde Ale went surprisingly well according to the pair, who both really like German style beers. It packs a huge flavor punch, and noteworthy well-designed graphic packaging. It’s a crisp, light-bodied golden ale with hints of citrus and white pepper. It’s lagered to give it a smooth, crisp finish. This brew’s promiscuous drinking appeal makes it an easy choice.

“Alpha Male” IPA is aggressively hopped, with robust, alluring earthy hop aromas. Fruit flavors are perfectly balanced with malt. Extra hoppy, over the top, paired with a seductive crispness.

Featured Beer from Alphabet City Brewery: “Easy” Blonde Kolsch & “Alpha Male” IPA

INDIA PALE ALE — Alphabet City’s “Alpha Male” IPA:  There is a long snappy finish to this top fermented ale family of “beers of yesteryear.” Aggressively hopped, balanced by subtle malt, note the seductively crisp undertone. Serve it at 55°F with hearty red meats, Cheddar cheese, sharp salad dressing, Pan Asian cuisine, nachos and poultry.

KOLSCH ALE — Alphabet City’s “Easy” Blonde Kolsch: A top fermented ale, this one is golden with refreshing citrus and pepper, finishing crisp and smooth. Pairs well with sauteed shrimp, fresh fish with lemon, smoked salmon, grilled chicken, and grilled brats.


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