The mouth-watering crust of Chicago-style pizza is biscuit-like, as the basic yeast dough is enhanced with oils and enriched by the addition of crunchy cornmeal. That’s the key to its light, crispy but oh-so-chewy texture.

Using oiled fingertips, the dough is pressed into the pan and allowed to rise before the rest of the ingredients are added. (The real deal is never rolled or stretched.) Carefully pressing the dough into the pan makes for a more delicate crumb structure.

Even the basic assembly of Chicago-style deep dish pan crust pizza is a bit different from that of other pizzas. First, the mozzarella cheese goes down, preventing the crust from getting soggy. If the dish includes a strong-flavored meat (such as the sausage and pepperoni in our Meaty Trio this month) it would be added next, pre-cooked to remove excess fat if necessary.

The sauce of choice (or just well-drained, coarsely-crushed tomatoes), make up the fourth layer, which is then covered with a deep sprinkling of spices that usually include garlic, onion, pepper, oregano, and other favorites, including Parmesan cheese.

A 15-inch Chicago Deep Dish Pan Crust pizza can be expected to serve as a main course for up to 6 hungry pizza lovers. Expecting more at mealtime? Generously pile on lots of extra toppings. Need a “Plan B”? Always have several back-ups from your favorite Pizza of the Month Club in your freezer!

Take a Close Look at this Month’s Pizza Selections . . . CHICAGO DEEP DISH PAN CRUST PIZZA.


Tomatoes, fresh sliced Mushrooms, cooked Spinach and mozzarella are this pizza’s headliners. The Garlic Olive Oil Sauce, packed with oils, garlic, cayenne pepper, and spicy cheese, is the perfect backup!


Tender chicken breast strips and mozzarella cheese are expertly lavished with our specially formulated pesto sauce. It’s a blend of fresh basil and garlic, olive oil and Parmesan, crunched up with pine nuts. Awesome flavor!


Spiced, sliced pork pepperoni, spicy pork sausage, a heap of bacon and lotsa mozzarella are garnished with The Gourmet Pizza Club’s famed pizza sauce – you know the one . . .  with all the tomatoes, onions, salts, spices, garlic, oils, Romano, Chablis, etc.

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