Argus boasted to your favorite Beer of the Month Club that they were tough and sometimes unruly, given that they rose from the rugged south side of Chicago to become one of the most popular craft brews in the city and beyond. Actually, we don’t really have time to concentrate on that side of Argus, as we’re busy enjoying their brews! They are proud of their “Chicago Attitude.” We think you’ll taste that pride in each Argus brew — flavor, depth, the unusual and carefully brewed taste of premium craft beer, whichever one you choose to enjoy.

Their brewery is located in the historic Joseph E. Schlitz distribution stables, dating back to the early 1900’s. Two large terra cotta horse heads on the parapet still identify this unusual building, which once housed the Schlitz horse teams and carriages. From this unique and timeless building, Argus Brewery creates beers that challenge the best beers in the world.
As a father and son team, Bob and Patrick Jensen understood that a hard-working, can-do attitude would take Argus over the line from above average to exceptional. Today, that taste speaks for itself in each of the two selections from Argus this month:

A prominent to intense hop aroma with a citrusy, floral and/or fruity character, Argus Pegasus IPA ranges from medium gold to medium reddish/copper. A decidedly hoppy and bitter brew, this is a moderately strong India Pale Ale that is one of the very best in its class.

Jarrett Payton, son of the late Walter Payton, former Chicago Bears running back and member of the NFL Hall of Fame, teamed up with the Jensen’s to create Argus Brewery’s Jarrett Payton All American Wheat. Straw yellow in color, it’s moderately bitter with full aroma and wheat flavor, with subtle fruitiness. A uniquely refreshing All-American wheat beer.

With the re-release of their Common beer, Argus offers a very unique American beer, Argus Ironhorse Chicago Common. This type of beer was brewed in the San Francisco Bay area from the mid-1800’s to the mid-1900’s. Copper colored and medium bodied, it has full malt and spicy herbal hop flavors, producing a very unique character unlike any ale or lager.

Featured Beer from Argus Brewery:

INDIA PALE ALE — Argus Brewery’s Pegasus IPA–IPAs are light in color only! Medium-high to very high hop bitterness, the malt backbone supports the strong hop character and provides the best balance imaginable in this Pegasus offering. Known for their full body and robust, medium-dry finish. Pair with hearty red or white meats,.

AMERICAN WHEAT ALE — Argus Brewery’s Jarrett Payton’s All-American Wheat Ale: From the top fermented ale family, German wheat beer made from 6,000-year-old recipes may be on its way back, but the refreshing American Wheat is fresh, fruity, and shows tons of wheat character. Pair with Artesian cheeses, cold cuts & ham.

HYBRID — Argus Brewery’s Argus Ironhorse: A hybrid style, it uses a lager yeast, but is fermented at warmer temperatures typical of an ale. This “common beer” was a staple for a century, but fell into oblivion. Now rediscovered, this modern version doesn’t fit the description of an ale or a lager, making it a “must try” brew with any food favorite.

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