Baderbrau is a 25,000 sq. ft. craft brewery that makes flavorful, crushable and affordable lager and wheat beers. It was founded to revive Chicagoland’s original craft beer, a Czech-style pilsener that was popular in the early to mid-nineties. (Founder Rob Sama used to drink Baderbrau Pilsener when he was first learning to homebrew as an undergrad at the University of Chicago.) In 2012, after hunting down the original recipe and yeast strain from the original Baderbrau brewmaster, he re-launched the beer, re-christened as Baderbrau Chicago Pilsener. Thus began the odyssey of Baderbrau’s contribution to the world of new brews. What’s our selection?

Their Lawnmower Lager IPL is a citrus-like hop-forward India Pale Lager. The perfect hot summer day’s beer, it’s got lots of hop flavor and aroma, with a nice, smooth finish — not overly bitter. Summertime means yard work? Ha! Your favorite Beer of the Month Club recommends you sit on the porch and watch the grass grow, while sipping this bright gold brew with a thick creamy head that stands straight up. Made with Falconer’s Flight and Glacier hops for citrus aroma, Baderbrau also uses Upper Midwest lager yeast in this brew.

Featured Beer from Baderbrau: Lawnmower Lager IPL India Pale Lager 

INDIA PALE LAGER — Baderbrau Brewery’s Lawnmower Lager IPL India Pale Lager: Baderbrau is throwing us a curve, as we are so accustomed to enjoying India Pale Ales. Lawnmower India Pale Lager is a well-balanced bottom fermented beauty, a true “meat and potatoes beer.” Serve with anything you’d put on your backyard grill – chicken, pizza, burgers, or brats. Invite the neighbors for the perfect Summer afternoon.

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