Beer commercials are a huge hit with consumers. Ad companies seem to know exactly what it takes to make a great commercial that will make you run out to purchase the product. In fact, over the years, many people have watched the Super Bowl just to see what ads are on. We all remember the Clydesdale Horse Budweiser ads, but here are some of the other most memorable beer commercials of all time.

Budweiser is known for their whimsical commercials featuring animals. From the above mentioned Clydesdale horses to dalmatians, many different species have been used and all are great. One favorite of many is the Budweiser frogs. The commercial opens to a quiet, backwater swamp where you can hear crickets chirping. The atmosphere is that of a warm summer evening. Frogs can be heard croaking and, at first, it appears to be a typical night on the water. It takes a moment or two to realize what the frogs are croaking. The first says “Bud”, the second says “Weis” and the third says “er”. This is one commercial that makes you laugh and you are more likely to remember that beer at the grocery store the next time you make a beer run.

Amstel also made an unforgettable commercial that many love. This ad shows men in various situations. First, you see a gentleman pick his nose and then flick the contents off his finger as his date looks on. Another scene features a gentleman dancing with his girlfriend. He tries to sneak a sip of his beer and spills it down her back. Many say their favorite part is when the guy tries to join his girl in a bubble bath. As he jumps in, he drowns her head. Many other memorable scenes are included. These are just some of the most popular.

Who can forget the Michelob Ultra beer commercials? One that has consistently received high ratings involves touch football. Men and women start a casual game of touch football in the grass. The quarterback throws the ball to a female, she catches it and takes off. A player from the opposing team runs, tackles her, lifts her off the ground and slams her down. Everyone is shocked, but she gets back at him. While at the bar after the game, she tackles him and throws him off his bar stool.

These are just three of many that you will enjoy. Don’t hesitate to check them all out. You may find a few others that you love.

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