If you’ve had a particularly good week in the office or you’re celebrating a special occasion, you may not feel like cracking open just another bottle of your usual beer (especially if you’re usual isn’t a tasty microbrew!). Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more exotic – something to enjoy as a special treat. Well, don’t worry. You don’t have to simply put down your $8.99 for a six-pack of a mid-range microbrew. Indeed, when you want something especially luxurious, here are a couple of beers to try that will require a much more sizeable investment.

90 Minute IPA – Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – Milton, DE ($10.99/four pack at

Even if you’ve never tried it, there’s a chance you’ve heard of Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA. Some beer enthusiasts go so far to refer to this brew as America’s finest microbrew. We’re not in the business of making such endorsements, but we can say that if you like a rich, complex, hoppy brew, you’ll probably enjoy 90 Minute IPA. While this beer is as hoppy as you’d expect from a Double IPA, it’s also remarkably well-balanced, with a maltiness and fruit-based sweetness that helps to round out the flavor profile. Note that it’s called “90 Minute” IPA for a reason – with an ABV of 9.0%, 90 minutes is how long Dogfish Head recommends that you spend enjoying this distinguished brew.

Bourbon County Stout – Goose Island Brewery – Chicago, IL ($19.99/four pack at

Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout is a rich, dark imperial stout that’s aged in used Jim Beam bourbon barrels. While this isn’t the only bourbon stout on the market, Goose Island claims that this was the first bourbon stout ever produced. Full of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel aromas and flavors, this is about as full-flavored and full-bodied a beer as you’re likely to find. Indeed, this brew is so rich and complex that you can even age it for up to five years! Whenever you choose to consume it, at 13% ABV, it’s certainly a “sipping beer” – you’re not likely to be tossing back several of these at a time – and works nicely as, or with, dessert.

Given the price points of these beers, they’re not likely to become your usual, but they’re certainly worth a try for a special occasion or a celebration. Treat yourself to one of these unique brews!

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