As many fine cooks of today know to be true, beer can be substituted for water or broth in many recipes, and makes an interesting ingredient for dishes ranging from appetizers, gravies and soups to desserts. (If beer-laced dessert delicacies are beyond your comprehension, just think of rum cake or liqueur-filled chocolates!)

You can drizzle beer into your coffee for a taste-bud revolution; and keep in mind that doppelbocks, eisbocks, porters and even stouts can be poured over vanilla ice cream or fruit for an outstanding taste treat.

Dazzle your friends the next time you serve them dessert, using this easy recipe from us, your Beer of the Month Club:

Quickie Ale Chocolate Cake –

Pick your favorite instant chocolate cake mix that calls for the addition of oil, water and eggs. (Note: This recipe will not work successfully with any mix that calls for milk.) Next, choose your favorite beer: an ale, Irish stout, Imperial stout, porter, doppelbock or barley wine are all good choices.

Mix and bake the cake as directed, the only difference being the substitution of beer for the water called for in the recipe. (If it calls for 1 cup of water, conserve water and use 1 cup of beer instead.) Frost as usual. Serving coffee? Why not offer beer as an alternative for the cream? Serve with a smile, and wait for the compliments.

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