Beer Comes to US!

In 1810, there were only 132 breweries across our entire nation. Due to the scarcity of beer and logistics, the average American consumed less than a gallon of beer each year. (At this time, corn whiskey was the favored alcoholic beverage.)

The tides changed dramatically in the mid-19th century, due in great part to the influx of German people coming to America to escape the turmoil and political revolution in Europe. Among those immigrants were several beer brewers who brought with them their knowledge and talent. The Yuengling brewery of Pottstown, Pennsylvania was founded in 1829. (Today, it is the oldest U.S. brewery still in operation.) You are sure to recognize these familiar beer giants: Pabst, Anheuser-Busch, Miller and Coors (established in 1844, 1852, 1855, and 1873 respectively).

By 1914, our annual per capita consumption had increased to twenty gallons, very close to today’s level of 21.5 gallons of beer.

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