Bent River Brewing was conceived by Tim Koster early in 1993. Three years later, the Bent River bar opened to the public, but lacked brewing equipment. It was two years later, in 1998, that the first keg of American Pale Ale flowed from the beautifully polished Bohemian Haus copper kettles of Bent River. In 2009, local restaurateur and patron of Bent River Brewing, Joel Krogman, joined the team, expanding and protecting their brewing traditions, and transformed the Moline location into a fully-operational top-notch brew house, complete with a full restaurant and patio.

Within walking distance of downtown, today it is a popular destination for the best pub fare, beer garden, food, and especially, beer. The unique beauty of their turn-of-the-century building, a linchpin in the rejuvenation campaign of the Moline Centre, is something your favorite Beer of the Month Club doesn’t want you to miss.

Today, they produce more than 10,000 barrels of award-winning beer annually. Attention to detail has garnered yearly awards at beer competitions throughout the Midwest, including a bronze medal at the world-renowned Great American Beer Fest in 2007 for their Mississippi Blonde. In addition to their year-round and seasonal brews, they also offer an extensive repertoire of creative, unique brews, special events and live music.

Steamboat IPA pours the color of amber, copper and dried apricots. Its tall, thick, foamy head introduces you to aromas and great tastes of florals, herbs and grass, peach and pineapple. The massively bitter finish is like biting grapefruit skin and pine needles. There’s just enough malt to hold it all up.

Paddle Wheel Pale Ale is comparable to pre-Prohibition American style beer, medium bodied with a well-balanced, hoppy finish. Deep amber and copper, the aroma is balanced and the taste is roasted malt, nutty, with caramel, cream, light stone fruit and citrus.

Featured Beer from Bent River Brewery: Steamboat IPA & Paddle Wheel Pale Ale

INDIA PALE ALE —Bent River Brewery’s Steamboat IPA: Made bitter and strong to survive the long boat trip, the IPA was originally brewed for British soldiers stationed in India. Generously malted and hopped, this one offers a bitter finish. Enjoy this warming, top-fermented dark brew with seafood and all things spicy or grilled.

PALE ALE — Bent River’s Paddle Wheel Pale Ale: Top-fermented, they are medium- bodied, crisp, complex, and usually dry; rich, bright and cleanly textured. Assertive, American pale ales partner well with all cheeses, veggies and breads. An incredibly smooth, drinkable beer, perfect for “beginners.” Serve at cellar temperature (about 55°F).

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