Founded in 2012 with a passion for small batch craft beer and a love for rugged West Texas, Big Bend Brewing gives life to Old World brewing standards, keeping most of their beer unfiltered, naturally carbonated and aged like the old days — but packaged in the New World, environmentally-friendly aluminum cans. Big Bend (the second production brewery ever in West Texas), and your favorite Beer of the Month Club are happy to ensure that you get the most flavor from each refreshing can.

In the first year of production, even with more than 800 barrels of brew served, Big Bend was constantly sold out! They immediately expanded by adding 6,500 square feet, and ramped up production eight-fold. An added bonus for those fortunate enough to live near or visit far West Texas is that Big Bend offers tours and tastings every Wednesday through Saturday! BBB has spurred the growth of tourism dollars in their area.

Alpine, Texas (population 9,286), is in remote Brewster County, an area larger than the state of Connecticut. The nearest large cities are Midland and Odessa, both 150 miles away, yet Big Bend Brewery has become a destination. More than 400 people gathered last July in this windswept part of Far West Texas to celebrate the expansion of Big Bend Brewing and sample their craft beer, refreshing even on hot desert afternoons. What’s in those cans in your shipment this month?

Number 22 Porter is a dark ale with deep ruby color and a dominant malt flavor with a light, dry roasted character that hints of caramel and chocolate. Number 22 Porter pairs well with roasted or grilled meats and vegetables, sweet foods and wild game dishes. (It’s named for Alpine’s #22 Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, back in the days when the lifeblood supplies for West Texas came by rail.)

Light Terlingua Gold pours like clear, liquid gold with a small head that frees the flavor — a big one for a blonde! Unfiltered with lively carbonation, it’s a refreshing session ale with malt and mild hoppiness.

PORTER —Big Bend’s Number 22 Porter: England’s first national beer, porters drank it for nourishment. Dark and robust, top-fermented porters are excellent with grilled red meats, fish & chips, oysters or venison stew. For dessert? Vanilla ice cream!

BLONDE ALE — Big Bend’s Terlingua Gold Ale: Ahhh. Golden sunshine in liquid form. This beer style is clean, refreshing, and oh-so-smooth. Blonde ales pair well with quiet sunsets, a few special friends, and the aromas of steaks grilling over a campfire.

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