Most American citizens, including all those who are Cuban cigar lovers, are applauding President Obama on his very recent successful efforts at resuming relations with Cuba. America’s 55-year-long political/economic freeze against our closest communist neighbor, which included a ban on the purchase, import and smoking of Cuban cigars in the U.S., became a thing of the past on Friday, March 18th, 2016.

Since the early 1960’s, Americans could enjoy an authentic Cuban cigar only if they were granted a special license from our government to travel to Cuba and smoke there legally; or they knew someone who had such a permit who was willing to bring back contraband cigars for them, which was an illegal and punishable offense. Those rules no longer apply, and there are countless other American benefits linked to the President Obama/Raúl Castro agreement, as well:

• An Embassy will be established there to aid U.S. travelers.

• Americans are free to visit Cuba without any special license or permit from our government, and may do business there.

• For the first time, we can make credit card purchases there.

• Each U.S. citizen can bring home $400 worth of goods and souvenirs . . . and, so important to Cuban smokers, up to $100 worth of tobacco products may be a part of that $400.

• Americans who have friends or relatives in Cuba may send them as much as $2000 every three months, up from $500.

• The benefits are widespread. American telecommunications companies, financial institutions, travel agencies, etc. can now extend their services to Cuba. And this will provide a huge boost to Cuba’s over-all economy – especially for those Cubans involved in the many facets of the tobacco and cigar industries.

Featured Countries of Origin from your Favorite Cigar of the Month Club: NICARAGUA and HONDURAS

1)  AVE MARIA ARGENTUM MADURO MORNING STAR -Nationality: Nicaraguan   Appearance: MEDIUM-FULL bodied, 5.0; 58 ring; In a dark, oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper

Personality: Luscious, hearty and pleasing, the blend of long-fillers provide a flavor feast to match the vexing eye-appeal. Be ready for notes of dark chocolate, coffee, leather, and cedar with spices flirting in the background for the entire duration.

2) : CAMACHO CRIOLLO ROBUSTO  (92-Rated!) – Nationality: Honduran Appearance:  MEDIUM bodied, 5.0; 50 ring; Well decked out in a fourth priming Criollo ’98 wrapper

Personality: In a gorgeous wrap, beneath you’ll find a gentler hand-made smoke than the usual Camacho knee-knocking experience. Well-balanced and smooth, you can reach for this cigar any time of the day or night.

3) PADILLA LA TERRAZA MADURO TORONationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 6.0; 50 ring; Exquisite in an oily, dark Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper

Personality: This is the catch-of-the-day from the Padilla portfolio, named for the Cuban fishing village so loved by Hemingway. With legendary quality, this complex smoke serves up a distinct bouquet of cocoa, coffee and natural sweetness.

4) : DON RAFAEL NICARAGUA TORPEDONationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 6.5; 52 ring; Maybe a little overdressed in a classy Habano wrapper

Personality: Strutting her stuff to get your attention, this finely-crafted stogie has everything you look for — including, but not limited to, over-the-top richness, sassy pepper, the coffee you crave, and more leather than lace

5) ARGANESE CONNECTICUT CHURCHILLNationality: Nicaraguan  Appearance: MILD bodied, 7.0; 50 ring; Sports a seamless Connecticut shade wrapper

Personality: Unwrapped, expect to be mesmerized by the mellow attitude of the well-aged long-filler blend. She is smooth and creamy throughout, but with a strong backbone of crisp, toasty tobacco flavors. Impressively tasty.


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