Country: Germany  Region: Baden  Grape: Pinot Noir, Estate Bottled

Baden, the southernmost of Germany’s wine regions, lies on the French border where it is warmer than most other German wine-growing regions. It’s a long, slim strip of vineyards nestled between the hills of the Black Forest and the Rhine River, extending some 240 miles from north to south.

Baden, Germany’s third largest wine region, it is very different from the rest of the country. It is, therefore, classified by the EU in Wine-Growing Region B, along with Alsace, Austria and the Loire Valley. Badischer Winzerkeller eG produces this wine selection.

Pinot Noir is Baden’s most widespread varietal, where it has been cultivated for more than one thousand years. A notoriously low yield varietal with very thin skin, it is hard to grow and challenging to fully cultivate. Additionally, it is prone to fungal infections and rot, and the vines can become overrun with downy mildew. It is most easily grown in cooler, dryer climates.

This selection is 100% estate grown Pinot Noir, garnet red in the bottle and glass. Enjoy the notes of cherry, plum and delicate earthiness as you enjoy it right now. Slight notes of tobacco and a long finish are perfect served slightly chilled with sausages, brats, turkey, grilled chicken and mild cheeses.

Black Forest Girl’s Pinot Noir:

PINOT NOIR GRAPES — Pinot Noir grapes are finicky and challenging to grow, but the resulting Pinot Noir wine can be one of the greatest wines available. Widely grown, production is limited due to this grape’s pickiness regarding climate and soil. Flavors and aromas can be very red-berry-fruity, or woodsy and earthy. Not usually blended, but outstanding when it is.

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