Colorado’s first craft brewery was established in 1979 when two professors at the University of Colorado received the 43rd brewing license issued in the U.S. At its inception, the brew house shared shed space with a few goats. After five years and the seal of approval from both consumers and the brewing industry for its line of bold craft beers, it moved to its current site in Boulder. Their creative team of brewers continue to usher in new flavors and new styles of beer, often times on the cutting edge of craft brewing trends. From Boulder’s award-winning Shake Chocolate Porter to Emergent White IPA, their history of innovation continues today with even more exciting new releases.

In addition to doing their part to save the planet one beer at a time, your favorite Beer of the Month Club gives a thankful pat on the back to the Boulder Beer Company for their efforts to keep our planet a happy place. They are leaders in finding ways to be eco-friendly in all realms, including using solar power, recycling, composting, high-efficient “everything”, printing, packaging — even transportation – the first Boulder business to adopt a city bike path!

Flying into Denver International Airport? Enjoy Emergent White IPA there, and emerge from winter’s cold into sunny spring! Orange peel lends a bright citrus flavor, highlighted by subtle spiciness from coriander and Belgian yeast. Golden hued and fruity with floral hop aroma and flavor, English-style Emergent is worth the trip!

A Porter fan? Robust Shake Chocolate Porter is dark black with rich, sweet aromatics and dark chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors. Bolder Beer’s twist on the traditional blends five different grains and cacao nibs for a devilishly delicious chocolate velvet finish. Among its many awards: Gold at the 2014 World Beer Cup. 

Featured Beer from Boulder Beer Company: Emergent White IPA & Shake Chocolate Porter

INDIA PALE ALE — Boulder Beer’s Emergent White IPA — Originally made  strong to survive the long boat trip, it was first brewed for British soldiers in India. This bright citrus, English-style special ale is like a breath of fresh mountain air. Enjoy this top-fermented brew with rich, robust dishes — seafood and all things spicy or grilled.

PORTER — Boulder Beer’s Shake Chocolate Porter  —  England’s first national beer, Porter was named for the street-market porters who drank it for nourishment. Darkly robust, top-fermented porters pair well with fresh raw oysters, Porterhouse steak, smoked meats and cheese. This chocolate version deserves a date with any chocolate dessert!


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