From headaches to heartbreaks, chocolate has been the go-to cure for decades. But did you know that it’s not just the comforting rich flavor that is so captivating? Chocolate is one obsession that has real substance! The object of our desire contains beneficial compounds that actually improve our moods and stimulate our brain functions!

With a crave factor as strong as that of coffee, chocolate contains psychoactive compounds that contribute to the great feeling we get when we have a decadent mouthful. We can thank the traces of the neurotransmitter Anandamide for that euphoric feeling. And most of us don’t know that chocolate has estrogen-like factors that may be a big contributor to the fact that men who enjoy chocolate regularly tend to live longer than guys who don’t.


It’s no secret that wine lends great health benefits, too. Reap DOUBLE rewards by pairing your favorite wine (from Clubs of America’s Global Wine Club!) with one of your many chocolate favorites.

• Opening a bottle of Syrah? Sort through your box of chocolates for a piece that looks dark and intense.

• Pinot Noir is a great partner for any fruity bittersweet dark morsel.

• No Pinot Noir in the rack, but have a stash of bittersweet chocolate that’s calling your name? If you have Merlot, you’ve got all you need for a rewarding experience.

• Chardonnay is the one to pour if you’ve chosen one of the sweet creams in this month’s selection.

• If you are a fan of Cabernet Sauvignon, have a glass in one hand and a chunk of silky milk chocolate in the other.

• Looking for the ultimate chocolate/wine experience? A sip of Zinfandel and a nibble of any of your toffee-center-creams will enhance your mood and just plain make you happy!

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