Now THAT’S SAD! You pluck a cigar out of your humidor, all ready to light up and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing smoke. But it feels soggy, and it not only feels soggy, but it shows traces of *bloom on the wrapper. Would you be inclined to trash it?

Please don’t! If caught in time, you can still enjoy that smoke, but you’ll have to be patient. Just brush off the bloom, place the cigar back into the humidor, and leave the humidor open for a while to allow the cigars (as well as your humidor) to dry out a bit.

Then re-adjust the level at which your humidification device is set to a smaller number. After a short time, light up and enjoy that cigar! (*Bloom is a harmless, tasteless growth that looks like white mold, found on cigars (and chocolate!) that has been exposed to too much moisture.)

Sometimes cigars suffer from the adverse effect — too little moisture. They only need to be placed in a well-functioning humidor for a month or so to allow them to slowly absorb moisture and be reconditioned.

Unfortunately, there are times when the too high humidity level is left undiscovered for too long a time. You will recognize if the cigars are beyond resurrection as they will have visibly deteriorated.

On the other side of the coin you may find yourself holding a cigar that has spent too much time at high temperatures and dry conditions. (Think a cigar left in the glove compartment of your car for several weeks. Oh yes. And you live in Arizona.) Those cigars, too, may be beyond saving, and no amount of humidification can successfully re-moisturize them.

Your favorite Cigar of the Month Club strongly recommends the faithful use of a reliable, properly set humidor to preserve both your cigar collection and your sense of well-being . . .

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