Featured Countries of Origin from your Favorite Cigar of the Month Club: HONDURAS, NICARAGUA AND THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

As your favorite Cigar of the Month Club assembles our selections for you each month, we strive to offer you not only the best smokes available, but  equally important is that we introduce you to the new and unusual. This month, we scored big! What’s so special? Please excuse us while we brag a bit . . .

Our first selection (from CAO) is a limited production cigar that employs not one, but two flavorful wrappers, which promote richness and flavor throughout. The select blend of long-fillers were gathered internationally from harvests in Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Any cigar that’s “rated” means the cigar aficionados have chosen to recognize its leadership characteristics. Gurkha is proud they have developed this masterful smoke, and we’re proud to bring it to you!

Typically, tobacco growing regions deliver just two harvests per year, but the climate and location on the Nicaraguan Island of Ometepe gets a very low-yield third harvest. Not your run-of-the-mill leaves, these third cutting leaves have been expertly blended to create this unusually fulfilling morsel from Sosa.

In crafting the leaves they used, Black Crown painstakingly gathered and blended a total of ten vintage varieties — one for the wrapper; two for the binder; and a whopping seven used as long-fillers. A supremely complex recipe!

Bahia really “spins” the theme of aging! Not only have they assembled well-aged tobaccos to start with (4-year-old wrappers, 5-year-old binders, and 7-year-old ligeros and secos, they cedar age the finished cigars for 400 days before allowing us the honor of purchase! Score!!

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