Born out of a passion for producing quality beverages, in 1997 Cisco Brewery and Nantucket Vineyard joined forces. Nantucket Vineyard was founded by Dean and Melissa Long in 1981, who tried for years to grow grapes on the island, only to find Mother Nature uncooperative. Today, they import the finest grapes from California, Washington state and New York, producing some of the region’s best wines.

Cisco Brewery was founded by Randy and Wendy Hudson. Wendy started homebrewing, met Randy, bought him a homebrewing kit, and the love affair began — Randy and Wendy and beer! The couple had the good fortune to meet Dean and Melissa, who needed help at their winery. The four joined forces, with Randy and Wendy renting the loft above the winery in 1992. Wendy’s first backyard “nano” (smaller than a micro) brewery was America’s only outdoor brewery!

A lot has changed: Jay Harman hired on in 1996 and now runs the operation: the Brew Shack opened that same year. In 2000, they were licensed to make distilled spirits under the name of Triple Eight Distillery; and Matt Lambo and his 1975 8-ball-bedecked VW camper van were put in charge of distribution, public relations, events and promotions. Today, the brewery, winery and distillery share location, fame and success, featured in the Wall Street Journal, on CNBC, etc.

Grey Lady Ale is named for the often-foggy island where it’s brewed. It’s a wheat beer fermented with Belgian yeast and brewed with fresh fruit and spices. Dry and spicy, your favorite Beer of the Month Club loves its complex, earthy nose and soft, mid-palate maltiness.

A Bavarian-style lager, Cisco Summer Lager is perfect for the summer season ahead. Also known as a Munich Helles, this pale golden lager is classically a malt-dominated brew with low to moderate bitterness. Cisco’s version boasts all your typical bisquit-like aromas and bready malts on the palate, plus a vibrant citrusy, bitter finish.

Grey Lady Ale & Summer Lager

ALE — Cisco’s Grey Lady Ale: Expressive and complex with a pleasing fruitiness, ales are made with bottom-fermenting ale yeast. Lengthy aging is not critical as it is in lagers. Ales come in a wide range of styles and flavors. This crisp, quaffable selection bodes well with whatever fits your mood and satisfies your craving! MUNICH HELLES LAGER — Cisco’s Grey Lady Ale: A bottom-fermented beer, the refreshingly crisp Bavarian lager is reminiscent of the beer the commoners of Munich chose to drink. Unbeatable served with appetizers, light seafood, chicken and traditional German bratwurst. So refreshing, your taste buds will yearn for more. “Prost!”

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