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You may recall back in the dead of winter, your favorite Beer of the Month Club sent you the first ever shipment of craft beer in cans. We received positive feedback beyond what we expected, so have contracted with two new “Beer Canneries” (Brickway Brewery in Omaha, Nebraska, and Foolproof Brewery in Pawtucket, Rhode Island) to provide the can-can selections this month.

Why beer in a can is such a revolutionary idea is a bit elusive. Draft beer is the freshest beer out there, and the can is a mini-keg that delivers draft-quality freshness to your glass. The highest purity of taste is guaranteed as the can prevents both light damage and oxidation, the two biggest beer spoilers. Further benefits include portability, space savings, faster cooling, and the ultimate in recyclability. Your favorite brew in a can can be enjoyed everywhere, including those places (beaches, hiking trails, parks) where glass containers are prohibited.

Worried about a metallic taste? Forget that! Every aluminum can manufactured is now equipped with a unique liner that keeps the beer away from the metal. No contact, no tinny taste!

Concerned with can quality control? No need to stress over that! All canned beer goes through an X-ray machine ensuring proper seal, correct fill levels, etc., and are also thoroughly scrutinized to head off any potential oxidation and/or bacterial growth. Pop the top of this shipment of 12 ounce cans, and enjoy these two latest craft beer selections from Clubs of America’s Great American Beer Club. We sincerely believe it’s time to begin your Happy Dance!


During the late 1800’s in the U.S., canned foods were plentiful, but met with limited success as far as extended shelf life and retention of the true flavors of the foods inside. In 1909 the American Can Company was the first to attempt to can beer. Unfortunately, their cans tanked, and canned beer all but disappeared. After years of research, they finally met with success in 1933 by coating the inside of pressurized tin cans, thus keeping the beer and the metal can itself from coming into contact. Yeah!!!

Featured Beer from Foolproof Brewery:  Backyahd IPA & Raincloud Robust Porter

Backyahd IPA (note the East coast spelling), an India Pale Ale that pours deep golden orange with a sweet, hoppy smell and distinct fruitiness. With its soft, smooth, silky mouth feel, and excellent texture, it’s the perfect brew for backyard grilling. An aggressively hopped IPA with great hop aroma, it’s great with whatever you’re grilling.

PORTER —Foolproof’s Raincloud Robust Porter: England’s first national beer, porters drank it for nourishment. Black and robust, top-fermented porters are excellent with red meats, fish & chips, oysters or venison stew. For dessert? Vanilla ice cream!

It’s pouring outside, so pour yourself something inside Raincloud Robust Porter! The perfect “stay at home” brew. Dark, smooth, rich with flavors of chocolate/caramel/coffee, this flavorful porter is brewed with chocolate and crystal malts and a subtle blend of European hops.

Featured Beer from Brickway Brewery: IPL India Pale Lager & Hef Wheat Beer

INDIA PALE ALE —Foolproof’s Backyahd IPA: Made bitter and strong to survive the long boat trip, the IPA was originally brewed for British soldiers stationed in India. Generously malted and hopped, this one offers a marked sweet maltiness and perfect carbonation. Enjoy this slightly bitter, top-fermented dark gold brew with all things spicy or grilled.

Your favorite Beer of the Month Club and Brickway bring you a lager with a bold plot twist, India Pale Lager (IPL). It starts predictably, but then big juicy Centennial hops steal the show. Lush aromatics and a crisp finish make this copper brew one you’ll want to chill out with and enjoy again and again. It’s that time. Brickway’s IPL is in Session!

Hef Wheat Beer makes you think picnic tables, umbrellas and sunny days . Real Bavarian yeast gives this baby a touch of banana, clove and light hop character, while the effervescent fizz dances on your tongue. Salute the sun and propose a toast before the sun dips under the horizon. It’s that time. Our pal, Hef the Wheat Beer is in Session at Brickway!

*Borgata is an old Italian word for “family.” Says Holly Mulkins-Triemert, “Anybody that shares in what we make and what we’re doing is also a part of our extended family.” The Borgata name is gone, but not the sentiment.

INDIA PALE LAGER —Brickyard’s India Pale Lager: A bold bottom-fermented lager, it’s a bookend to the top-fermented IPA (see above) that was originally brewed for British soldiers stationed in India. Boldly hopped, this copper-colored beer delivers in-your-face aromas and the encouragement to enjoy it with a big circle of friends and spicy foods.

HEFEWEIZEN —Brickyard’s Hef Wheat Beer:  “Weisse/Weizen” mean “wheat,” and describe top-fermented beers made with 20% to 60% wheat. A refreshing fruit and spice drink, it’s sometimes served with a lemon wedge before dinner with grapes or cheese. Great with grilled chicken, Asian chicken/mandarin salad, or as a light session beer.

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