Crazy Mountain was founded in January, 2010 in the heart of the Rockies. Combining their passion for craft beer, Kevin and Marisa Selvy started Vail Valley’s first production brewery. They built it in the footprint of an abandoned gutted warehouse, utilizing equipment from around the globe, and lots of imagination and elbow grease from within.

Their first beer was poured at a beer festival in that same month, and they began actual distribution two months later. In October of 2010, they opened their public tasting room. Late in 2013 they underwent a massive expansion, increasing capacity from 12,000 to 20,000. They have more than doubled their number of employees, benefiting not only the local and state communities economically, but helping build Vail Valley’s diversity.

They are realizing their dream that the Valley is known not only for skiing and outdoor sports, but for its brews, too. They have created several new processes and modified how beer production can work in ways never done before — ideas that have been put into use by other brew establishments. In 2012, they won the coveted Sustainable Brewer Award. Crazy Mountain’s handcrafted products are now available in multiple states, and you will find them in Sweden, Japan and Hong Kong, too!

Try a little Snow Cat Coffee Stout — your favorite Beer of the Month Club guarantees you won’t be disappointed! A winter brew honoring all who move in the night, it’s a hearty stout using local artisanal roasted coffee (from Coda Coffee Company), combined with a complex blend of roasted malts.

Truly unique, Cara de Luna Black Ale is a black German pale ale made of a blend of German hops, Belgian malt and American yeast. Provides a light mouthfeel that lends itself to the soft maltiness and distinctive smooth hop character. Unconventionally awesome.

Featured Beer from Crazy Mountain Brewery: Snow Cat Coffee Stout & Cara de Luna Black Ale

STOUT — Crazy Mountain’s Snow Cat Coffee Stout: A close cousin to the Porter, Stouts have a roasted coffeelike flavor not found in Porters. This is the brew most recommended by doctors for nursing mothers — really!  With coffee flavors, it’s a ringer for pairing with beef stew, fresh oysters, or braised lamb shanks. Superb with anything chocolate.

BLACK ALE — Crazy Mountain’s Cara de Luna Black Ale: A truly unique black mutt of a top-fermented brew, it’s softly malted with ever-smooth hop character. How do you pair a mutt with a meal? Try it with grilled beer brats with caramelized sauerkraut or roasted chicken mole enchiladas with cotija cheese. Dessert? Rich gooey molten chocolate lava cake! .


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