It all began with five acres of Chardonel grapes. Today, Crown Valley sits on 600 acres in Ste. Genevieve, and serves as a premier Midwest destination. With its vineyards, a brewery and distillery, an antique mall, a tiger sanctuary, fine lodging and Spokes Pub and Grill, it offers something for everybody! Your favorite Beer of the Month Club encourages you to see what it’s about!

The brewing and distilling facilities feature handcrafted brews made exclusively at the Coffman location by Brew Master Jeremy Gilbert, who has roots in the heartland of Missouri. As he pursued his degree in Agricultural Systems Management in college, he discovered his love of brewing. He continued to “dabble” as his sales career progressed, but by 2008 he left his sales world and pursued his true passion, brewing. He and a partner started a small brewery, while he attended the Siebel Institute, becoming a Brew Master. In 2012 he sold his shares and became Head Brew Master at Crown Valley. Today he brews the usual fare, but a few extreme beers have also come to the forefront!

All beers are produced in their state-of-the-art 15-barrel microbrewery, including Crown Valley’s Pumpkin Smash Imperial Stout. It’s deliciously roasted with dark chocolate and toffee notes, with a hint of smoke and a little spice from the hops that give it a pine hue. The pumpkin adds body and character for great beer taste.

Known for its robust, malty and intense hop profile, Crown Valley’s Gunslinger Double IPA accomplishes the perfect balancing act! This Double India Pale Ale balances the rich malt flavor with powerful hop notes from the use of five different hop styles.

Featured Beer from Crown Valley Brewery: Pumpkin Smash Imperial Stout & Gunslinger Double IPA

 IMPERIAL STOUT —Pumpkin Smash Imperial Stout from Crown Valley: Another top fermented ale, but with a big personality, this is hearty, complex and robust, dating back to the 1700’s. Flavors range from very dark chocolate sweetness to roasted coffee bean bitterness – maybe even caramel! Full bodied and pumped up with pumpkin, enjoy this particular Imperial Stout with grilled burgers, smoked cheese, coffee and chocolate ice cream.

DOUBLE IPA — Crown Valley’s Gunslinger Double IPA: Double India Pale Ales are bitter, hoppy and crisp. This unique American style offers intense hops (double the amount!) with more malt to balance it off. This top-fermented brew has big personality and flavor, and is paired perfectly with big flavored dishes like BBQ’d fare, ham, and strong cheeses.

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